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Cognitive Development And The Pandemic’s Effect

It’s important to remember that being on lockdown has an impact on children learning, of all ages.
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Building the Brain

Building The Brain With Love

Of course you love your child! But is your child getting the message?
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Raising EQ and IQ

Child Under 5, Suddenly Alone In Your House With Them?

Here’s what you need to know. Engaging small children doesn’t come naturally to everyone and…
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Free Resources for Kids

Writing sheets numbers stage 1

Reach developmental milestones.

Writing sheets numbers stage 2

Improve writing your numbers by tracing our stage 2 sheet.

Writing sheets alphabet stage 3

Practise writing your alphabet letters by tracing our stage 3 sheet.

Free Resources for Adults

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How can we manage challenging behaviours in class and at home?

We share some tips on managing challenging behaviour throughout various age ranges and stages of development.
six methods

Six methods used by Shichida to help your child achieve amazing results

See some of the methods used to keep children engaged throughout our early learning classes.

Parent Info Session: Why I enrolled, stayed, and how my child is doing post-graduation

Parents share stories and experiences about their time with Shichida and share how our early learning program has impacted their lives for the better.