Golden Period

The Golden Period, a young boy in a Shichida class

The Shichida early education curriculum is meticulously designed to serve as a foundational pillar in fostering early learning development in children. Our approach centers on the use of purposeful activities, carefully crafted to stimulate optimal brain development during the crucial early years of life. The ‘Golden Period’ is a crucial window of development during the early years.

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Birth to four years

Scientific research highlights the period from birth to four years as the ‘Golden Period’ of child development. This phase is renowned for its profound significance in shaping a child’s cognitive abilities. The result effectively lays the groundwork for advanced cognitive potential later in life. This period therefore establishes genius-like abilities during the early years.

Sensitive period

In tandem with the ‘Golden Period,’ our curriculum is attuned to the concept of the ‘Sensitive Period.’ This term, introduced by child development experts, underscores specific periods in a child’s life. During these periods, children are exceptionally receptive to particular types of learning experiences. We align our activities with both the sensitive and Golden periods. Therefore, we ensure that your child receives precisely tailored stimulation that optimises their developmental journey.

Researched teaching methods

The Shichida Method, firmly grounded in scientific research, employs a range of meticulously researched teaching methods. These include a diverse array of activities, ranging from the use of engaging flashcards to thought-provoking critical thinking exercises. We also use memory-enhancement activities, play to enhance fine motor skill development, and much more.

Six decades of research

Prioritising the ‘Golden Period’ is very important. It presents a crucial window of opportunity when a child’s brain is exceptionally receptive to learning and development. With over sixty years of research backing our approach, the Shichida method is therefore uniquely equipped to leverage this critical phase effectively.

Creativity, curiosity, great memory & academic success

By enrolling your child in the Shichida early learning program, you are embracing the opportunity to unlock their full potential during this pivotal stage. Together, we will harness the power of the ‘Golden Period,’ optimising their cognitive growth and setting the stage for a future characterised by creativity, curiosity, great memory and academic success.

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