Lesson Breakdown

At Shichida Australia, our fun and educational lessons are packed full of interactive and engaging activities. Songs, toys, flashcards, mazes, tangrams and worksheets are just some methods we use to lead your child through their developmental milestones. The way these activities are carried out will teach and practice important concepts while still encouraging your child’s love of learning.

early childhood lesson plans Australia

Your teacher will guide you through the class, where you will learn to become your child’s first and best teacher!

  • Students love starting class by singing and waving along to the ‘Hello Song’.
  • Creativity is encouraged throughout the entire session.
  • Relaxation breathing and imaginary play help the students to focus.
  • Resilience, natural instincts and memory are enhanced through games.
  • Critical-thinking activities pose a challenge to the children.
  • Phonics, reading and writing are practiced through language activities.
  • Mathematics activities include songs and interactive play that will foster a love of numbers.
  • Educational songs are paired with flashcards to cover a wide range of contemporary topics.
  • Motor skills are developed through drawing songs and writing.
  • Class ends with the beloved ‘Goodbye Song’.

Our early learning classes are fast paced, with 20-25 activities covered per 50-minute class. The lesson breakdown will differ between classes and age groups.