Getting Started

Starting your early learning journey with Shichida is as easy as 1-2-3!

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1. Book a Trial Class

Before you get started, it is best to know if the Shichida program is suitable for your child. Book a trial class today at one of our conveniently located centres.

“When you engage the hearts of children, you engage their minds.”

Makoto Shichida


2. Enjoy a Shichida Class With Your Child

Attend a trial lesson alongside existing Shichida parents and their children to experience first-hand the structure of a Shichida class.

“To raise children with kind hearts, big dreams and full of talents”

Makoto Shichida


3. Start your wonderful learning journey

Don’t want to wait? Sign up using the button below!

“The main aim of the Shichida Method is not just to give children knowledge but to cultivate their heart and soul.”

Makoto Shichida


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