Improving Concentration

The Shichida Method enables your child to develop improved concentration skills. This is achieved through activities that enhance childhood brain development, while keeping your child engaged throughout each activity.
Improving Concentration, Improve Children's Concentration

Improving concentration

We view concentration as a learnt skill. The Shichida Early Learning Method exposes your child to a plethora of age-appropriate activities. The curriculum is designed with your child’s attention span in mind. Our class setup and activities have a good mix of auditory, visual and tactile tasks that will enable your child to retain focus throughout the entire duration of the class.

Improve Children's Concentration
Improve Children's Concentration

Enhance confidence, passion and skills

Concentration is an important skill that enhances early education and aids your child to sustain attention on different types of tasks, which in turn helps develop a love of learning.  Developing and improving concentration skills at an early age also results in faster comprehension, improves memory and aids with retaining information

Children at Shichida are often complimented for their concentration skills, which have been observed beyond academic settings such as music, sport and dance. Through their learning journey, we will assist your child in developing and enhancing their confidence, passion and skills.

Benefits of improving concentration

Improving concentration in kids offers numerous benefits that positively impact their overall development.

  • Enhanced learning abilities: Heightened concentration enables children to absorb information more effectively, improving their comprehension and retention of knowledge.
  • Academic success: Increased concentration contributes to better academic performance, as children stay engaged in tasks and complete tasks productively.
  • Improved problem-solving: Concentration enhances critical thinking and analytical abilities, allowing children to problem-solve with a clear mindset.
  • Better self-control: Improved concentration helps children regulate their impulses and emotions, promoting self-control and reducing impulsive behaviour.
  • Increased attention span: Strengthening concentration extends a child’s attention span, allowing them to sustain focus for longer. This is crucial for success in various activities, including classroom learning and playing musical instruments.
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities: Concentration training stimulates cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and executive functioning, fostering overall cognitive development.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Improving concentration helps children manage distractions and maintain a calm state of mind, reducing stress levels.
  • Life skills: Concentration is a vital life skill. It supports children in various aspects of life, including effective communication, decision-making, and goal attainment

Incorporating activities that enhance concentration can significantly contribute to a child’s development and well-being.