Shichida Australia aims at igniting your child’s love for learning. We achieve this by giving your child life skills that help them to thrive confidently.

The Shichida curriculum implements the pathways to support your child in their educational journey. We accomplish this by optimising your child’s brain processing abilities through image play, memory training, critical thinking, fine motor skills, problem solving, speed reading, numeracy and literacy activities. The Shichida curriculum focuses on balanced training of the right and left brain and hence plays a pivotal role in raising your child’s EQ and IQ. 

The Shichida method incorporates the findings of brain development research into education through creative, intellectual, intuitive and confidence building activities. 

We achieve this by starting your child early through strategic and targeted age-appropriate play-based learning activities, starting from 6 months as babies and moving ahead through their toddler, kinder, preschool, and primary school ages to 9 years of age.

Our early learning program will enable your child to learn and retain information quickly and efficiently. The structure of our program will also give you the confidence, support and guidance to be your child’s first and best teacher.