Your child’s developmental journey

Our curriculum focuses on a balanced training of the right and left brain through strategic and targeted age-appropriate play-based learning activities.

Shichida pathways: guiding your child's developmental journey

At Shichida Australia, our mission is clear: ignite your child’s innate love for learning. We go beyond traditional education, equipping your child with essential life skills that empower them to thrive confidently in a rapidly evolving world. We achieve this by guiding you and your child along our developmental pathways, embedded within our results proven curriculum.

Nurturing lifelong learning through developmental pathways

Our cornerstone is the Shichida curriculum, meticulously crafted to guide your child’s educational journey. This purposeful approach optimises brain processing abilities, harnessing the power of image play, memory training, critical thinking, fine motor skills, problem-solving, speed reading, and numeracy and literacy activities. Our curriculum is a harmonious blend, focusing on a balanced training of both the right and left brain. This lays the foundation for enhanced EQ and IQ development.

Age-appropriate, play-based learning experiences

Incorporating cutting-edge research in brain development, the Shichida Method weaves creativity, intellect, intuition, and confidence-building into every activity. By engaging young minds as early as 6 months, we strategically cultivate age-appropriate, play-based learning experiences. Thus we guide your child seamlessly through toddlerhood, kindergarten, preschool, and primary school years up to age 9.

A comprehensive early learning program

Our comprehensive early learning program not only facilitates swift and efficient information retention but also empowers you to be your child’s foremost educator. The structured program architecture not only ensures your child’s accelerated growth but also empowers you with the confidence, support, and guidance to nurture your child’s learning journey from the start.

Developmental milestones

Our developmental pathways chart a structured series of learning stages, finely tuned to specific developmental milestones and educational objectives. It serves as a roadmap, ushering students through progressive growth within the Shichida educational ecosystem. Essentially, it’s not just a curriculum; it’s a dynamic sequence that optimises learning outcomes, ensuring your child’s journey is one of both continual discovery and growth.

Become your child’s first and best teacher

Ultimately, the structure of our program will give you the confidence and guidance to be your child’s first and best teacher. Book a trial class today! You and your child will love it.