Problem Solving

Being good at solving problems is incredibly important in every part of our lives. Shichida focuses on teaching problem-solving skills during your child's early years.

Problem Solving

At Shichida Australia, we provide a gateway to problem-solving by introducing your child to a wide array of mental processes. Exposing your child to this vital life skill during their critical developmental period is crucial, as it lays the foundation for their future success. By engaging in our program, your child gains valuable problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Problem Solving for Children
Problem Solving for Children

We teach these essential skills to your child through enjoyable, interactive, and age-appropriate activities. Our approach includes brain training games, puzzles, critical-thinking exercises, and engaging activities like solving tangrams and mazes. These activities not only make the learning process fun but also effectively develop your child’s problem-solving abilities.

A lifelong love of learning

Shichida takes a holistic approach to early learning, addressing problem solving as a blend of creativity and logic. Our goal is to enhance your child’s critical-thinking skills, foster open-mindedness, cultivate a systematic and efficient problem-solving approach, and instill a lifelong passion for learning. Our method combines both creative and logical elements to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions: Problem Solving

Regardless of age, we encounter problems on a daily basis, ranging from minor to significant, that demand our attention. At Shichida, our problem-solving activities aim to introduce children to various mental processes that enhance their problem-solving skills. This enables them to navigate these everyday situations with greater ease.

Through targeted activities, we foster resilience and confidence in children. We challenge them to think innovatively and find solutions to a wide range of problems. These challenges may require the utilisation of one or more basic skills. Throughout the problem-solving activities, we actively support and encourage children to refine their critical thinking abilities. Additionally, we guide them to trust in their own capabilities.

Problem-solving is a crucial life skill that contributes to a child’s self-confidence and ability to navigate the world. By teaching problem-solving skills, we foster better cooperative abilities and enable children to excel in academic areas like mathematics.

Furthermore, problem-solving skills have been associated with enhanced creativity, flexibility, and the capacity to remain calm in stressful situations. Encouraging the development of strong problem-solving skills results in children growing into capable and confident adults.

Children as young as 6 months old can participate in problem-solving activities. At Shichida, we are dedicated to providing age-appropriate challenges and activities that align with the latest findings in brain research. We cater to the specific developmental needs and interests of young children. This approach ensures an optimal and engaging experience for your child.

Our goal is to foster a lifelong love for learning in your child. This will have a lasting impact throughout your child’s educational journey.

There are so many great problem-solving exercises for kids. These include more simple activities for younger children such as shape puzzles, stacking, and sorting activities.

For the older children and those ready to stretch their abilities, we utilise more complex games and activities, such as 3D tangram puzzles, math games, worksheets and mazes.