Why Shichida?

Our early learning program fosters the development of cognitive and social skills in a fun and friendly environment, while also cultivating memory through engaging activities. We prioritise parental involvement to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your child's learning journey.
why shichida

What makes Shichida the best choice for your family?

Education that develops a child’s natural abilities to make them outstanding learners for life.

Based on Neuroscience Research

A neuroscience-researched-based early learning program stimulates the development of the entire brain, not just the ‘left brain’ as is common in the traditional education system.

Holistic Education

A strong emphasis on developing empathy, resilience, intuition, critical thinking, concentration, creativity and imagination to raise well-rounded children. We engage the minds of children by engaging their hearts to draw out their unique potential.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Equips children with advanced and proven memory techniques that will allow them to receive and recall images instantly. Fun and age-specific early childhood activities lay a strong foundation for fine motor skills, literacy skills and numeracy skills whilst instilling a love of learning.

Designed to Be Supportive

An understanding of the importance of the parental role in a child’s life and providing the necessary support and coaching for parents to become their child’s first and best teacher.