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Learn how to learn

Our Kinder classes nurture independence and maintains advanced natural abilities as the brain trims away connections formed in the early years. We set the stage for a lifetime of successful and enjoyable learning experiences for your child.

The final point of entry into the Shichida program

As we believe that the natural learning abilities of children begin to disappear at three to five years of age, Shichida Australia does not accept new students over the age of four and a half years old.

Children are transitioned to attend classes without their parent or guardian halfway through the Kinder Program. Parents are still required to engage in their child’s early learning journey with Shichida and will be invited to attend observation classes each term.

An effortless love of learning

In this stage of our early education program, we focus on building upon skills key to successful learning. Besides honing memory, creativity and self-esteem, your child will be able to establish a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy before starting school.

All these skills are introduced through games and activities that help to strengthen the connections in the brain. This head start will make all future learning as effortless and enjoyable as it is now in their early years.

Overall, the Shichida Kinder Program empowers children to reach their full potential, unlocking their innate talents, and preparing them to thrive creatively, academically and personally in the years to come.

Children learn:


The Exciting Elements Of The World Renowned Shichida Program

A program that builds cognitive skills like memory and concentration, while nurturing social skills and confidence in a fun & friendly environment.

Once A Week

50 Minutes

1 Parent Or Guardian Per Child

Max 6 Students Per Class

Qualified Educators

Learn Through Play


Shichida Learning Environment

A fun, loving and compassionate environment that fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


Shichida Kids In Action