Memory Training

Memory is the foundation of all learning.
  1. Memory Training
Memory Training for children

Memory Training

The ability to retain and recall information takes practice. Therefore, the Shichida early education program works with students as young as one year old to begin strengthening their memory skills.

Memory Training for children

We guide our students through three types of memory building techniques in step-by-step blocks. When our students graduate from the Shichida program they have access to a variety of advanced memory-enhancing tools that they can carry into school and beyond.

The three types of techniques are:

  • Photographic memory: We teach students to look at and remember a whole image and reproduce it accurately.
  • Mnemonic memory: We use stories and images to help children build connections between pieces of information.
  • Auditory memory: Through repetition of audio tracks played at rapid speed, our student’s brains can encode large amounts of information quickly and easily.

These memory improvement techniques are taught to our students through exciting stories, games, and songs to give their memory a workout without them even knowing that they are learning along the way.