Learning Tools At Home: Rice

Early Learning Ideas with rice

Improve fine motor skills, using learning tools from home! Rice is a great learning tool and can be used to learn about shapes, measuring, sensory and creative play. Practise writing numbers and letters in a fun way. Maximise your child’s cognitive potential. We show you 9 inspired ideas using rice, beans, pasta or sand.

What activities can I do with my child at home? Try activities with rice!

At Shichida Australia, we believe that children learn best through play! As a Shichida teacher, parents often ask me, “What can I do with my child at home? I want them to learn, but they just want to play.” Well, the truth is that playing is learning! Learning should not be a chore. Children learn best when they are actively exploring, touching, and trying new things. That’s why we encourage the use of learning tools at home. By using these tools, children can learn anywhere while having fun!

We have compiled a few ideas for you – try these fun, educational activities using learning tools at home with some rice, beans, pasta or sand! Scoop, measure, and find while enjoying some fun time together.

Sensory play is especially important for young children, as it helps them develop their motor skills, language, and problem-solving abilities. By playing with rice, your child can explore different textures, colours, and shapes, which can enhance their cognitive development.

Look out for more ideas of activities you can do at home using your do-it-yourself “early learning toolkit”.

Creating an “early learning toolkit” at home can provide your child with the resources they need to explore and learn. By using simple and accessible materials, such as rice, you can create a fun and engaging learning environment for your child.

For more ideas on how to be your child’s first and best teacher, join us for a trial class and see why so many families in Australia choose the Shichida method of education for their children.

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