The Shichida Method is a research-based curriculum which enables young children to develop and learn key skills. Our unique early learning program is based on over 60 years of scientific research that fosters brain development in early childhood. 

The Shichida curriculum provides developmentally appropriate content and focuses on age-specific activities. This enables your child to cultivate an abundance of confidence and life skills. This is achieved through imagery play, songs, flashcards, hands-on critical thinking activities, sensorial activities, fun-based problem-solving activities, literacy activities, numeracy activities and more.

A key element of the Shichida Method is ‘learn through play’, which is central to quality early childhood education.  We believe that when we engage the hearts of the children, we can engage their minds.

The age group of zero to four years is the crucial period of early brain development. Our research-based curriculum ensures that whole-brain training is achieved at the correct ages and stages of development that are crucial to your child’s development journey.