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Unlock your child's full potential with Shichida Australia. Our renowned program combines neuroscience research, innovative teaching methods, and a holistic approach to foster cognitive, emotional, and social development.

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About the Shichida Early Learning Program

We understand that every parent wants the best for their child.

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What is Shichida?

Shichida Australia’s early learning centre is home to one of the world’s most renowned early childhood education programs, known for bringing out the full potential of children.

why shichida

Why Shichida?

The Shichida method is a revolutionary program to facilitate early childhood learning. It cultivates children’s hearts and takes a balanced approach to nurturing the whole brain.

Early Learning Centre Australia

Getting Started

If you want to know if the program is for your child, the best way to find out is to attend our trial class. In a trial class, you will experience first-hand what our classes are like.

Unlocking potential and fostering holistic development through innovative education

We believe that early childhood plays a crucial role in nurturing young minds and unlocking their full potential. Our program aims to provide a holistic and enriching learning experience that surpasses traditional education.

Develop cognitive, emotional and social skills

Our approach is centred on nurturing the remarkable innate abilities that every child possesses. We strive to create an environment that enables children to thrive and develop their cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Innovative teaching methods

The Shichida Early Learning Program has gained renown for its unique blend of neuroscience research, educational expertise, and innovative teaching methods. We have meticulously designed our curriculum to develop various areas of the brain, including memory retention, imagination, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Early years form the foundation

We firmly believe that a child’s early years form the foundation for their future success. By joining Shichida Australia, you actively invest in your child’s lifelong journey of learning and personal growth. Our program not only focuses on academic achievements but also actively instils essential values such as kindness, empathy, and resilience.

Experienced educators, partnering with parents

Our team of experienced educators passionately guide children through their learning journey, partnering with parents. We create a warm and supportive environment where children feel motivated to explore, express themselves, and develop a love for learning.

The benefits

As you navigate our website, you will discover the remarkable benefits of our Program. We invite you to explore our testimonials, success stories, and videos that showcase the impact our program has had on countless children and families.

Remarkable educational journey

Join us at Shichida Australia and embark on a remarkable educational journey. Together, let’s empower your child to embrace their unique gifts and create a future filled with limitless possibilities.


Shichida Kids In Action

Ayaan’s World Flag Challenge on Today Show

Watch Ayaan compete against the hosts of the Today Show on Channel 9. He has an exceptional ability to recognise and recall flags of the world.

5 Year Old Genius – Little Big Shots Australia

Our student Rafael appeared on “Little Big Shots” and showed off his amazing ability to recall the periodic table of elements. Watch the whole segment and see how you compare!