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TV Coverage

In the spotlight: Shichida Australia’s TV coverage

Shichida on The Project

Watch and find out how The Project felt about Shichida Australia. Filmed in Shichida Chatswood.

Shichida on Sunrise August 2018

While we don't proclaim we create 'mini-geniuses', we do draw out the amazing natural abilities of children. Watch our featured video on Sunrise and hear what Kochie has to say at the end.

Shichida Australia on 9 News

Watch this video of Shichida Australia being featured on Channel 9 News. Our director talks about the importance of learning in the early years of childhood. Watch to find out more!

Today Tonight: ‘Crawling to Class’

Our amazing program was featured in an extended segment on Today Tonight. Watch to find out more!

Ayaan’s World Flag Challenge on Today Show

Watch Ayaan compete against the hosts of the Today Show on Channel 9. He has an exceptional ability to recognise and recall flags of the world.

Zoos Victoria Young Advocate of the Year’ Luke Eaton on 10 News

Luke, a Shichida graduate, was recently awarded Zoos Victoria Young Advocate of the Year. Watch his featured video on 10 News!

Shichida Australia featured on Today Tonight

Watch this video to see what Today Tonight thought about our Shichida students and classes.

Shichida Australia on 7News

7News featured a wonderful overview of what our program is and what your child can gain from attending.
Pint sixed prodigies on The Morning Show

Julia on The Morning Show

Our student Julia appeared on The Morning Show and demonstrated her amazing ability to recall Pi!

Julia on This Time Next Year

Our amazing student Julia was recently featured on This Time Next Year. She learnt a new piano piece every week for a whole year. See her amazing talent in action!

Julia’s Amazing Memory

Our student Julia demonstrates her amazing memory by recalling all 20 of our Box Memory sets in order!
TV coverage

Chloe on Today Weekend

Watch our student Chloe appear on Today Weekend. She shows off her amazing reading skills while dad talks about her learning journey with Shichida.

6PR 882 Radio Segment on Photographic Memory

Listen to the 6PR 882 News Talk Radio Interview with Shichida Australia on Photographic Memory.

Shichida Australia on Today Extra

Our amazing teacher Hanako joined the hosts of Today Extra to discuss the Shichida program.

Shaping Young Brains – Today Show

Have a sneak peak of our program as featured on the Today Show!