Kids In Action

Watch our Shichida Australia students apply their amazing skills to solving problems, caring for others and honing their talents.

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Shichida Kids In Action

Shichida kids in action: Media highlights of Shichida kids solving real-world problems and honing their amazing talents.

Zoos Victoria Young Advocate of the Year’ Luke Eaton on 10 News

Luke, a Shichida graduate, was recently awarded Zoos Victoria Young Advocate of the Year. Watch his featured video on 10 News!

5 Year Old Genius – Little Big Shots Australia

Our student Rafael appeared on “Little Big Shots” and showed off his amazing ability to recall the periodic table of elements. Watch the whole segment and see how you compare!

Ayaan’s World Flag Challenge on Today Show

Watch Ayaan compete against the hosts of the Today Show on Channel 9. He has an exceptional ability to recognise and recall flags of the world.

Amazing Children: Julia Rozenkova

Watch a recap of all of Julia's amazing achievements from her time at Shichida. Her parents also give an insight into how she developed her amazing memory.

Shichida and Clocks! Tick Tock Fun!

Jimmy Kimmel recently tested kids on the street if they could read analog clocks. We put our own students to the test, watch to see how they went!
A young Shichida student, winning a prize for poetry

Bianca, A Young Poet

Our long-time student Bianca won top prize in Shichida International's poetry competition against competitors from all over the world.

Faraway by Jacqueline, Shichida Australia Graduate 2016

Our Shichida Graduate from 2016 shares a part of her Shichida journey as well as an amazing poem she composed.

William’s Rail Adventure!

Our student William led community action to remove level rail crossings in his community.

Shichida Graduate: Luke Changing the World

Our student Luke was featured on 9News because of his passion to save the orangutans and reform palm oil harvesting.

Julia on This Time Next Year

Our amazing student Julia was recently featured on This Time Next Year. She learnt a new piano piece every week for a whole year. See her amazing talent in action!

Caleb’s Geography Challenge

Caleb can recognise the shape of almost every country in the world. Can you compete with him?
Young boy with amazing reading skills, at Shichida

Samuel’s Amazing Reading

Watch our young student Samuel show off his favourite activity, reading!
Pint sixed prodigies on The Morning Show

Julia on The Morning Show

Our student Julia appeared on The Morning Show and demonstrated her amazing ability to recall Pi!
Jacqueline - Shichida Australia graduate

Jacqueline – Beyond Shichida

Jacqueline, one of our first enrolled students at Shichida Australia, recalls her time in the program and all that she gained from it.
Jacqueline's-Masterpiece intro pic

Jacqueline’s Poetic Masterpiece

Jacqueline wrote this amazing poem during one of her Primary School Program classes at our old centre in Canterbury.