Shichida Hello Song

shichida hello song

Sing along to the Hello Song!

Shichida students love starting their weekly early childhood education classes by singing and waving along to the ‘Hello Song’.

Our early learning classes help kids reach developmental milestones, while having fun! Enjoy Shichida Australia’s version of this popular song. We love seeing the joy and excitement that our students experience each week when they start their classes with the ‘Shichida hello song’. This song is more than just a fun way to begin our early childhood education classes.  It sets the tone for the entire lesson, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere that helps our students feel comfortable and engaged.

Fun and engaging learning

At Shichida Australia, we understand that learning should be fun and engaging for children. That’s why we have created an early learning program that is both enjoyable and effective in helping children reach important developmental milestones. Our classes are designed to stimulate children’s senses and encourage exploration and creativity. By using a combination of music, movement, and sensory experiences, we help children learn and grow in a way that is both fun and effective.

Set a positive tone

The ‘Hello Song’ is just one example of the many ways that we incorporate music and movement into our classes. It’s a simple song that encourages children to wave hello and participate in the class. This sets a positive tone for the rest of the lesson. And because we know that children love repetition and routine, we sing the ‘Hello Song’ at the beginning of every class, helping our students feel comfortable and familiar with the routine.

Benefits of singing

Singing in a learning environment benefits kids by enhancing language development and improving memory retention. Other benefits include fostering creativity, boosting self-confidence, promoting teamwork, and creating a joyful and engaging atmosphere for learning.

Experience the joy

We invite you to experience the joy and excitement of the ‘Hello Song’ with Shichida Australia. Join us for an early learning class and see firsthand how we use music, movement, and sensory experiences to help children learn and grow in a way that is both fun and effective.

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