Learning Tools At Home: Paper Plates

Paper plate activities and early learning ideas

Enhance your parent-child bond while playing educational games at home! Paper plate activities have many creative otcomes, including improving memory and literacy skills. Bring out the best in your child. Create, imagine and play your way to being your child’s first and best teacher!  We show you 9 great ideas using paper plates to learn at home.

What activities can I do with my child at home? Try paper plate activities!

As a Shichida teacher, one of the questions I get asked often is “what can I do with my child at home? I want my child to learn, but they only want to play.” At Shichida, we know that playing is learning! Learning should not be a worry. Learning is exploring, touching, and trying new things. A child can learn anywhere, while having fun.

We have compiled a few ideas for you – try these fun, educational activities at home with paper plates! Create, remember and play while enjoying some fun time together.

Playing with paper plates is a fun activity that offers many benefits for kids, including developing fine motor skills, enhancing cognitive skills, promoting social skills, and encouraging creativity. Using paper plates for crafting and playtime activities can help children develop essential skills like problem-solvingcritical thinking, and spatial awareness, while also promoting social interaction and cooperation. Overall, playing with paper plates is a fun and engaging way for children to develop important skills while expressing their creativity.

Creating an “early learning toolkit” at home can provide your child with the resources they need to explore and learn. By using affordable materials, like paper plates, you can create a fun and engaging learning environment for your child.

Look out for more ideas of activities you can do at home using your do-it-yourself “early learning toolkit”.

For more ideas on how to be your child’s first and best teacher, join us for a trial class and see why so many people choose the Shichida method of education for their children.

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