Literacy Skills

We help younger learners practise phonics, explore alphabet letters, read, and make up stories while building an extensive vocabulary using flashcards, songs, and a variety of hands-on activities. 
Literacy Skills

Children's Literacy Skills

The ability to interpret and understand language is an absolute necessity in navigating day-to-day life. At Shichida Australia, we aim to lay the building blocks for these vital literacy skills by introducing children’s literacy skills and language into your child’s life at a young age.

Children's Literacy Skills
Children's Literacy Skills

Shichida children are offered this introduction to literacy through a variety of fun and educational activities. These early learning activities help your child in both written and verbal language. 

Meet developmental needs

Our younger learners are introduced to phonics and sight words through fun and engaging play-based activities. Our program’s literacy content is designed to remain age-appropriate, ensuring your child is engaging with material that is perfectly suited to meet their developmental needs.

At Shichida Australia, we not only practice these skills with your child but also show you how to build on these abilities together with them at home.

Increase confidence and independence

We aim to nurture the early growth of your child’s literacy skills through adaptive activities. For example, our older learners explore mind-mapping techniques to help with creative writing, which will prove useful even beyond their schooling years. They also write descriptive stories and learn to edit and improve their own work, increasing confidence and independence.

Benefits of developing literacy skills during the early years

  • Active engagement in reading and writing activities fosters a strong foundation in literacy.
  • Children develop language proficiency, vocabulary, and communication skills, enhancing cognitive development.
  • Early exposure to books and storytelling ignites a lifelong love for reading.
  • Through interactive and age-appropriate activities, children grasp language concepts with ease, building a solid foundation for academic success.

Shichida’s expert guidance ensures a supportive and enjoyable learning environment. Develop strong literacy skills with reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Enhance phonics, comprehension, storytelling, and expressive language for a successful academic journey. Prepare your child for a successful future with our effective program today!