Speed Reading

Speed reading is a vital skill that enables your child to develop confidence in reading and comprehension at a very fast speed. The Shichida Method nurtures this skill through our speed reading training.
Speed Reading, Speed Reading Program

Speed Reading For Kids

Our early learning program encourages your child to harness their subconscious mind, aiding childhood brain development through fine motor skill and sensory activities. We introduce speed listening first, followed by speed reading in the Primary levels of the Shichida program.

Speed Reading Program
Speed Reading Program

Research based

The wave speed reading method taught at Shichida was originally introduced by Professor Makoto Shichida, the Shichida Method founder. Our curriculum utilises both research from Makoto Shichida and early childhood education philosophy to engage your child in this method.

Process more in less time

This method will enable your child to process more information in less time. Additionally, it will make the learning journey easier for your child as they transition through their school years and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions: Speed Reading

Our speed reading course is designed to both teach and nurture the vital skill of speed reading in children. We support your child through various techniques. One technique is to rapidly recognise phrases and sentences on a page as a whole, rather than identifying individual words. This enables your child to process more information in less time. Speed reading supports individuals of all ages to read confidently, quickly, and comprehend the text effectively.

Speed reading benefits children by both training and challenging their brains to perform at a higher level. It enhances information processing and uptake, leading to improved overall brain function. Speed reading also enhances memory skills, resulting in better academic performance, increased focus, and improved comprehension compared to their peers.

The foundations of speed reading start with speed listening. This can be initiated as early as four-and-a-half years of age. Once speed listening skills are developed, the activities expand into both age-appropriate and enjoyable exercises. These engaging reading exercises are designed to foster speed reading abilities tailored to meet your child’s needs.

Our teaching methods for speed reading in kids are founded on the ‘wave speed reading method’ pioneered by Professor Makoto Shichida. One exercise involves:

  • Independently reading information passages to improve speed and comprehension.
  • Answering comprehension questions and receiving praise for their efforts.

As the brain recognises the reward for retaining information, it becomes more adept at repeating this process and identifying crucial details on the page without needing to process every word. As your child progresses, we introduce more advanced speed reading techniques based on Prof. Shichida’s research.