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Friendly Shichida teacher featured with a young student who loves to learn
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Centre Teaches Children To Love Learning

Rapid Growth in Enrollments at Shichida Early Learning Centres Shichida Early Learning Centres, renowned for its Japanese early learning method,…
Image featuring a young girl who has an amazing reading ability at a young age
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A Dad Realised His 2 Year Old’s Ability To Read

This article was originally featured in Mamamia By Emily Krecinski Shichida Mum, Emily Krecinksi recalls the moment her husband discovered…
Kids Starting School Able to Read, mum and her two kids
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Kids Starting School Able To Read

This article was originally featured in Nine Honey By Jo Abi Featuring Shichida families, Jane Harris and her daughters Mischa and Tora,…
Girl patiently waiting for her brain training class to begin
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Brain Training Centre In Sydney: Child Geniuses

This article was originally featured in By Megan Palin Photo: Shichida Australia: Five-year-old girl with a photographic memory   A…
Three young kids playing a variety of musical instruments
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Brain Training When Still Babies

This article was originally featured in Mamamia By Michelle Leong Shichida Mum, Michelle Leong, writes about her children’s experiences at Shichida and…
Kids playing a memory game
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Education Expert Slams Au Parents For Slacking Off

This article was originally featured in Daily Mail By April Glover Shichida Director Shiao-Ling Lim discusses the education crisis in Australia and…