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Baby Classes: A foundation to last a lifetime

Our Baby Classes cover all areas of development and also prepares the brain for advanced abilities.

Be your child’s first and best teacher

Babies learn about life and relationships by observing their parents and subsequently form over 1 million neural connections per second.

Therefore, your ability to play and connect with your child directly impacts their brain development. Let our qualified instructors guide you to become your child’s best role model through hands-on play and parent coaching.

It has been noted that families who enroll their child at this stage of the early learning program, certainly stand to gain the most lifelong benefits of the Shichida Method.

Babies learn:

  1. Fine Motor Skills
  2. Numeracy
  3. Phonics
  4. Letter Recognition
  5. Flashcards
  6. Gross motor skills
  7. Basic concepts
  8. Sensory Play
  9. Colours
  10. Shapes
  11. Relaxation
  12. Intuition
  13. Emotions
  14. Body parts
  15. Concentration
  16. Rhythm through song

Shichida Australia’s early learning program for babies

Shichida Australia’s early learning programs for babies establish a strong foundation for learning and skill development for infants between 6 months and 12 months old.

The Shichida Method employs proven early learning techniques to stimulate a child’s whole brain during what we call the “Golden Period” of learning; from birth to 4 years old.

During this period a child’s brain develops most rapidly, building connections and shaping the way they will learn in the future. Therefore, this is a time when learning is fun and easy for babies.

Exposing them to specific, developmentally appropriate activities will maximise this incredible, yet short, window for learning.

How babies learn

Studies show brain development for a child is at its most crucial stage up until six years, with 80 per cent of the brain developed by the age of three. The time between 0 – 12 months is transformational for a baby’s growth – at Shichida Australia we call this the “Golden Period” for learning.

Each child processes their experiences uniquely as they interact with the world around them.

During baby learning they;

  • Explore their environment
  • Observe and interact with others
  • Learn to communicate with sounds, body language and facial expressions
  • Partake in engaging activities that stimulate their 5 senses
  • Practice new skills by playing educational games

Shichida baby early learning classes gives your child opportunities to concurrently discover and enhance their new skills.


The Exciting Elements Of The World Renowned Shichida Program

A program that builds cognitive skills like memory and concentration, while nurturing social skills and confidence in a fun & friendly environment.

Once A Week

50 Minutes

1 Parent Or Guardian Per Child

Max 6 Students Per Class

Qualified Educators

Learn Through Play


Shichida Learning Environment

A fun, loving and compassionate environment that fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


Shichida Kids In Action

Q+A: Early learning for babies with Shichida Australia

Our early learning programs for babies offer adaptive activities in a calm yet surprisingly stimulating environment to prepare the brain for advanced abilities.

Examples of activities and exercises include:

  • Flashcards and educational songs coupled with hands-on activities and pattern recognition games to nurture numeracy and language skills.
  • Sensory play activities that help your baby explore the senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and taste and develop sensory motor skills.
  • Fine motor skills activities to develop the dexterity of your baby’s fingers. For example, placing and removing objects out of small compartments as well as stringing and paper folding (origami).

At Shichida Australia, we not only practise these skills with your child but will also show you how to build on these abilities together with them at home, while having fun.

Our baby classes and learning programs are offered in 6 premium locations across VIC and NSW. See the list of locations for Shichida Early Learning centres here.

Early learning for babies involves activities to help establish and enhance social competence and interaction, numeracy and language skills, cognitive development, emotional wellbeing, concentration and memory, and deepen your child’s love of learning.

Early learning activities also encourage your child to become more intuitive, observant and physically perceptive.

Overall, a baby learning program can help positively shape the direction of your child’s future in relation to their growth, development, social interaction and potential at school and in the community.