Develop A Love Of Learning

With a love of learning, your child is empowered to thrive in any situation.
Develop A Love Of Learning

Develop a Love of Learning

In an ever-changing world, developing a love of learning makes life’s challenges easier and more enjoyable.

Develop A Love Of Learning

When your child’s natural love of learning is supported from birth to 9 years old, they develop a love of learning and learn how to face obstacles directly with openness and curiosity that sparks their creativity and innovation.

In our pressure-free, nonjudgmental learning environments, your child is inspired to explore new things while you are supported in managing their emotions as they face challenges and learn from their mistakes.

At Shichida there are no tests, grades or rankings. When children are given opportunities to try new things in a safe environment while supervised by the people who love them, they will grow to be unafraid of failure and eventually surpass expectations.

The core of our teaching practice is to engage the hearts of children to engage their minds during early childhood.

Our empathetic and enthusiastic instructors stimulate your child in age-appropriate increments – all through songs, games and parent participation to develop a love of learning.