Develop A Love Of Learning

With a love of learning, your child is empowered to thrive in any situation.
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Develop a Love of Learning

In an ever-changing world, developing a love of learning makes life’s challenges easier and more enjoyable.

Develop A Love Of Learning
Develop A Love Of Learning

When your child’s natural love of learning is supported from birth, they develop a strong love of learning. They learn how to face obstacles directly with openness and curiosity that sparks their creativity and innovation.

In our pressure-free learning environment, your child is inspired to explore new things. Simultaneously, parents are supported in managing their children’s emotions as they face challenges and learn from their mistakes.

Amazing outcomes

At Shichida there are no tests, grades or rankings. Amazing things happen when children are given opportunities to try new things in a safe environment. Solving engaging challenges, whilst being supported by the people who love them, kids will grow to be unafraid of failure. Eventually, they will surpass expectations.

Engage the hearts of children

The core of our teaching practice is to engage the hearts of children to engage their minds during early childhood.

Enthusiastic instructors

Our empathetic and enthusiastic instructors stimulate your child in age-appropriate increments. Educational songs, games, activities, flashcards and parent participation are used as tools to develop a love of learning.

Benefits of developing a love of learning during the early years

Developing a love of learning during the early learning years offers immense advantages for children.

  • Active engagement in learning activities sparks curiosity and fosters a positive attitude towards education.
  • When children enjoy learning, they become more motivated and eager to explore new ideas and concepts.
  • A passion for learning enhances their cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills.
  • Moreover, a love for learning cultivates a lifelong habit of seeking knowledge and self-improvement.
  • As children develop a growth mindset, they embrace challenges and view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • This love of learning positively impacts academic performance and achievement.
  • Children who are enthusiastic about learning are more likely to excel in their studies and pursue higher education.

Fostering a love of learning during the early years lays a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling educational journey, shaping well-rounded individuals who are eager to embrace the wonders of the world.