What is the Shichida Method?

The Shichida Method of Education is the original whole brain training program that boasts proven results from continuous research.
About Shichida

What is the Shichida Method?

The Shichida Method is an innovative approach to early childhood learning that capitalises on a child’s exceptional learning potential during the Sensitive Period.

Shichida Trial Class showing activities

This philosophy is founded on the belief that children possess a distinct ability to absorb knowledge, and that their mental growth can be amplified through stimulating activities that target the whole brain.

Developed by Makoto Shichida, a prominent Japanese educator, author, and researcher, the Shichida Method has been refined over 65 years of research. Its focus on ‘whole brain’ training aims to strengthen neural connections, enhance memory, cognitive skills, and emotional intelligence in children. By employing fun and engaging activities, the method lays a strong foundation for learning during this period of extraordinary development.

Shichida Australia recognises that during this Sensitive Period, from birth to 3 years old, children are at their most receptive and learning comes easiest to them. We also acknowledge the Law of Diminishing Ability. This implies that without continuous use, newly acquired skills and knowledge may fade away. Therefore, we employ an approach that emphasises ‘use it or lose it’ to help children achieve their maximum potential.

Maximise your child’s natural learning ability

Our programs for babies, toddlers, pre-primary, and primary-aged children are designed to stimulate the whole brain and bring out the best in every child. With centres in Melbourne and Sydney, our fun and educational activities foster a profound rippling effect throughout your child’s life.

*Our primary school program is exclusively available to children who have completed the Shichida preschool program.

Aims of the Shichida Method:

  • Develop both EQ and IQ.
  • Deepen your child’s love of learning.
  • Improve your child’s level of concentration.
  • Enhance the bond between you and your child.
  • Stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination.
  • Promote social interaction and personal development.
  • Lay a strong foundation for numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Enhance your child’s photographic memory skills and critical thinking ability.
  • Equip your child with confidence and life skills to learn and process information effectively.
  • Heighten your child’s senses so they become more intuitive, observant and physically perceptive.