Referral Program

It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of our learning community.

Enjoy the benefits of our Referral Program

Our Referral Program is designed to reward our customers for spreading the word about the enriching experience at Shichida Australia.

Shichida Australia Referral Program explained

When you refer a friend to join our classes and they mention you as the referrer, you will receive a 10% discount on your next term’s fees for every successful referral. The best part is, the more friends you refer, the more discounts you earn!

These discounts can be accumulated, and you can redeem up to 100% discount per term. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of our learning community and for helping us reach more young minds.

Referred customer discount

As a special welcome to our learning community, the referred customer will receive a 5% one-off discount on their term fees when they sign up for our classes.

How to refer a friend and get your referral discount

  1. Share: Tell your friends about your positive experiences with Shichida classes. Share what you love about our program and the progress you’ve seen in your child’s learning journey.
  2. Invite: Invite your friends, family, or acquaintances who might be interested in our classes. Let them know they can benefit just like you have. Encourage them to try a trial class or enroll.
  3. Unique identifier: When your referrals contact us, ensure they mention you as the referrer to secure your rewards. They can do this in two easy ways:
  • Your email: Share your email address with them, which we’ll use to confirm your identity.
  • Unique Membership Number: We will provide you with your unique membership number. Share this membership number with your friends so they can easily identify you as their referrer. This ensures a smooth process with no mix-ups.

Enjoy your rewards

As your referrals enroll and start attending classes, you’ll begin earning discounts on your term fees. The more friends you refer, the more discounts you can accumulate.

For any questions about our Referral Program, feel free to contact our friendly team. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions:

  • Referral discount amount: 10% of the full-term fee, for one term.
  • Successful discount application: The rewarded discount will be automatically applied to the existing customer’s next term’s fees if the referred customer signs up and completes 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Void discount: Should your referred friend not complete their 10 consecutive weeks, the referral discount becomes void.
  • Referred customer discount: 5% one-off discount for referred enrolments upon signing up and starting the program. The enrolment discount is applied immediately. This discount does not apply to the Life Membership fee, only to the program fee.
  • Cannot be transferred: The referral discount is only applicable to the existing customer and cannot be transferred to the third party.
  • Cannot be exchanged: The discount holds no intrinsic monetary value and is non-redeemable for cash.
  • Waitlist: Discounts can only be applied to the program fees, thus anyone on the waitlist does not qualify for a referral or referee discount as they have not started the program yet.
  • Duration of the Program: The referral program begins on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, and will continue until further notice. Only referrals made after this date will be eligible for rewards.
  • Changes to the Program: We retain the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the referral program at any time without prior notice. Any changes or updates to the program will be communicated through our official channels.
  • Abuse of the Program: We reserve the right to disqualify or revoke referral rewards in cases of fraud, misuse, or any other violations of these terms and conditions.