The Shichida early learning program uses flashcards as a well-researched educational tool.
flashcards, early learning flashcards Australia


Our flashcards cover a wide variety of contemporary and stimulating topics. Such subjects include animals, food, flags, countries, famous artworks, famous people, emotions, sight words, colours, geometric patterns, shapes and more.

early learning flashcards Australia
early learning flashcards Australia

There are four main reasons why we use flashcards as part of our Shichida advanced early learning program.

Activates the right brain

While our left brain works slowly to comprehend stimulus in a logical way, our right brain works rapidly and subconsciously. By showing flashcards at a high speed, we make it so only the right brain can respond.

Improves the ability to process information as images 

Our right brain usually processes information as images. By showing flashcards as fast as possible, we are training the brain to process the information as images.

Develops the connection between the left and right sides of the brain 

While the right brain is image focused, the left brain is language focused. By flashing the cards while saying the names of the objects on the cards at the same time, we help connect the visual imaging ability of the right brain with the language ability of the left brain.

Increases vocabulary 

Even though babies cannot speak yet, they can understand language. When they do become verbal, they will have a much larger vocabulary due to the number of flashcards they have been exposed to. To ensure the babies can see the cards, we flash them slower and then increase the speed and number of cards as they get older.

Benefits of flashcard learning during the early years

Learning with flashcards during the early learning years offers significant benefits. Active engagement with flashcards sparks curiosity and boosts memory retention. Children easily grasp new concepts and vocabulary, enhancing their cognitive abilities. Flashcards provide a fun and effective way to reinforce learning and promote a love for education.