After 20 years of researching early childhood brain development and psychology, Professor Makoto Shichida founded the Shichida Teaching Method in 1958.

History Summary

The Shichida Early Learning Method originated as the original whole-brain teaching method, founded in 1958 to cultivate the innate abilities all children are born with.

In 1976, Shichida opened the first centre in Gotsu City, Shimane, and marked the beginning of a global movement that transformed early childhood education.

As the remarkable results achieved through the Shichida Method spread, its popularity soared. In 2009, the method expanded to Australia with the opening of the first centre in Melbourne. Subsequently, several more centres were established in Melbourne and Sydney. This significant growth beyond its Japanese origins demonstrates the effectiveness of the method.

Driven by a commitment to accessible and high-quality education, Shichida Australia continued to expand its reach. By establishing multiple locations across Victoria and New South Wales, this expansion ultimately ensured that an increasing number of families received the benefits of the method.

In 2017, the Shichida Method achieved another milestone with the release of SHICHIDA at Home.  This was the world’s first online early-learning program. This groundbreaking development enhanced accessibility, consequently enabling families across the globe to engage with the Shichida Method from their own homes.

The journey of the Shichida Method is characterised by continuous innovation and dedication.  The goal is to unlock the full potential of every child and help the develop a love of learning. As it evolves and adapts to the changing educational landscape, the method remains a beacon of hope for parents seeking to nurture their children’s innate abilities.

For a more comprehensive account of the Shichida Method’s history, you can download the Detailed Shichida Global History PDF.  The PDF provides in-depth insights into both the the method’s development and achievements.

Download Detailed Shichida Global History PDF

Shichida Method History timeline