Join us for a Shichida trial class!

What can I expect when I come for a class?

  • A full 50-minute Shichida class experience, specially tailored for your child’s age group, limited to 6 children per class.
  • Time with an experienced Shichida teacher after class.
  • Class options specific to your child’s age group to kickstart their exciting learning journey with Shichida.
  • Any person who comes to any Shichida centre must comply with our conditions of entry and agree to the following requirements: Read our conditions of entry prior to finalising your booking.

In a trial class you will experience first-hand what a real Shichida class is like and attend along with existing Shichida parents and their children.

One trial session costs $60.

Join us for a trial class and see why so many people choose the Shichida method of education for their children

Please note that trial sessions may be subject to change due to class size constraints. In the unlikely event that your booking needs to be rescheduled, we will reach out to help you arrange for a trial session at a different time.

Livestream Class

Travel time too long? Sniffles? Lockdown? No worries!

Maintain a routine for your child and keep them connected to their peers with our fun and interactive virtual classes.

Our teachers are excited to facilitate an uninterrupted learning journey for you and your child. Join a virtual class today!

How does a livestream trial class work?

When you sign up for a livestream trial class, you and your child will embark on a journey that will develop a lifelong love of learning. You will be supported every step of the way during our easy-access livestream classes.

Once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange a trial session at your convenience.

A list of extra materials will be sent to you via email so that you will be prepared for your trial session. Besides printing some worksheets, you might have to gather items such as toys for math activities. Rest assured that all the activities can be completed with what you already have at home.

All livestream classes are hosted on Microsoft Teams, which is a free software. You can access your virtual classroom through a secure link that is only available to existing students.

The world has changed due to Covid-19. While we love having the children in our face-to-face classes, we must accept that virtual learning is a part of the new normal.

Like the countless students attending school online across Australia, the time children spend in our virtual classes is not considered traditional screen time. Rather, it is an educational, fun and interactive session spent with a teacher and can be considered guilt-free screen time.

Maintaining a routine and keeping a connection to the outside world is very important for families. As such, the time spent in a Shichida class is not solely for the little ones. We aim to support, encourage and guide parents alongside their children.

Here at Shichida Australia, parents will be embarking on a learning journey hand-in-and with their child. Witness firsthand why so many people choose the Shichida method for their children. Join us for a livestream trial class and get started on your learning journey.