Basic Concepts

basic concepts in early learning, a teacher using blocks to teach numeracy

At Shichida Early Childhood Learning centers, we provide your child with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts tailored to their specific age and ability. Our Shichida early learning program employs a progressive approach in its lessons, gradually introducing increasingly complex concepts over time.

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Colour & shades

In our curriculum, we begin by introducing children to the world of colours. We commence with the basics, focusing on primary colours, and progressively delve into the entire spectrum of the rainbow, including various shades. For example, children learn to differentiate between light green and dark blue, expanding their colour vocabulary beyond simple ‘green’ or ‘blue.’

Shapes & sizes

Shapes are another essential component of our curriculum, with early lessons covering foundational shapes like circles, triangles, and squares. As children progress, they tackle more intricate two-dimensional shapes, including stars, trapezoids, and parallelograms. This foundation is further strengthened as they explore three-dimensional shapes and even create new ones. Alongside shapes, children also grasp the concept of size, understanding variations like big, medium, and small.

Numbers & mathematical confidence

A significant focus of Shichida’s curriculum revolves around numbers. We initiate this journey by familiarising children with numbers 1 to 10. Subsequently, we introduce more advanced concepts such as number grouping, composition, equations, formulas, and story problems, nurturing their mathematical confidence and understanding.

Time & money

Time is a fundamental concept in our curriculum, starting with lessons on hours, half-hours, and intervals. Additionally, we introduce children to the world of money from a young age. They begin by identifying individual denominations and progress to combining notes and coins through interactive shopping games. Our dedicated early learning educators excel in teaching these concepts effectively.

Quantities & spatial recognition

The Shichida program also equips children with a solid understanding of quantities, encompassing concepts like ‘many,’ ‘few,’ ‘less,’ and ‘more.’ Spatial recognition is developed through lessons on directional concepts such as ‘up’ and ‘down,’ ‘left’ and ‘right,’ ‘inside’ and ‘outside.’

Comparisons, opposites & coordinates

Furthermore, children delve into comparisons, exploring concepts of opposites, ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller,’ ‘longer’ and ‘shorter.’ They advance to compare and order three or more objects, eventually grasping concepts like ‘first,’ ‘second,’ ‘third,’ and ‘coordinates.’

At Shichida Early Childhood Learning centers, we provide a robust educational foundation that empowers children with a deep comprehension of these essential concepts, setting them on a path to intellectual and academic success. Help your child develop their critical thinking skills. Book a trial class and embark on this enriching journey of discovery and knowledge.

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