Difference between Shichida & others

Our unique program is a whole-brain training program, teaching skills not solely used for academic learning as seen in traditional western schools and early learning programs.

What is the difference between Shichida and other early learning providers?

At Shichida Australia, we’re not just an early learning provider; we’re a transformative journey that sets your child up for a future defined by holistic growth and boundless possibilities. What sets us apart from other providers? Let us show you:

Whole Brain Training for Life

To begin with, the Shichida Early Learning Method is not confined to academic pursuits like traditional programs. We empower children with skills that stretch far beyond the classroom, nurturing empathy, creativity, intuition, imaging, and photographic memory. By focusing on these facets, we cultivate both IQ and EQ.

Tailored to Every Age

Our curriculum is meticulously tailored for each age group. Guided by founder Makoto Shichida’s extensive child development research, our curriculum ensures that each learning stage aligns seamlessly with your child’s developmental journey. Furthermore, as your child progresses, skills naturally build upon one another, creating a foundation that’s as solid as it is dynamic.

Fueling Wholesome Development

Every session we offer is meticulously crafted, delivering a rich tapestry of activities that stimulate different areas of your child’s brain. From imaginative play to memory-enhancing tasks, our classes provide a diverse range of stimuli. This holistic approach ensures well-rounded development that enriches not only their knowledge but their emotional intelligence too.

A Solution to Educational Gaps

Shichida Australia addresses the gaps that traditional educational systems often leave untouched. What’s more, our program instils skills that foster creative thinking, critical problem-solving, and a genuine love for learning – equipping your child to excel in an evolving world.

Power of Parental Engagement

Above all, we understand that you are your child’s first teacher. That’s why our success hinges on your active involvement. We show you how to teach your child, all while having fun! Parents and teachers working in harmony nurture an environment where children blossom, making our programs thrive.

Join us in creating a generation that is not only knowledgeable but empathetic, not just skilled but imaginative – a generation that’s ultimately prepared to thrive in every facet of life. Book a trial class today!