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Difference between Shichida & others

The Shichida Early Learning Method is a whole brain training program. It is unique in that it teaches skills not solely used for academic learning as seen in traditional western schools and early learning programs. Shichida also fosters empathy, creativity, intuition, imaging and photographic memory. These are primarily areas that form the development of IQ and EQ.

Our early learning curriculum is age specific. Backed by founder Makoto Shichida’s research, the curriculum has been designed so that it is geared perfectly for each age group. Each learning stage links to the next to build on skills as a child progresses through our learning program.

Each activity and task built within each session of each age group provides for different stimuli. Each class covers a variety of activities with the intention to foster well-rounded whole brain development.

Our learning program will help fill the gaps left by most of the traditional educational systems commonly found not just in Australia but around the world.