Goodbye song

Shichida Australia Goodbye Song

Sing along to the 'Goodbye song'!

Every Brain Boosting Early Learning Class at Shichida Australia ends with the beloved ‘Goodbye Song’.

Our early learning classes help parents become their child’s first and best teacher, while having fun! Enjoy Shichida Australia’s version of this popular song.

As the end of each Shichida class approaches, our students eagerly anticipate singing the ‘Goodbye Song’. This beloved song is more than just a farewell. It’s a way for our students to reflect on the exciting things they learned and experienced during class. Thus, it also helps our young learners feel proud of their accomplishments.

Reach developmental milestones

At Shichida Australia, we believe that parents are their child’s first and best teacher. We, therefore, strive to empower parents to help their children reach important developmental milestones. Our early learning classes are designed to be fun and engaging. Our classes help children to learn and grow in a way that is both enjoyable and effective.

Music and movement

The ‘Goodbye Song’ is a perfect example of how we incorporate music and movement into our classes. It’s a simple song that encourages children to reflect on what they learned. The song also helps them to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers. By incorporating music and movement into our classes, we help children develop important social and emotional skills. These important skills will serve them well throughout their lives.

Routine and repetition

We sing the ‘Goodbye Song’ at the end of every class because we know that children love routine and repetition. It’s a way to help our students feel comfortable and familiar with the class structure, while also celebrating the fun and learning that took place during the lesson.

We invite you to join us for an early learning class and experience the joy and excitement of the ‘Goodbye Song’. You’ll see firsthand how we use music, movement, and sensory experiences to help children learn and grow, and how our classes create a positive and welcoming environment that helps our students thrive.

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