The first 1000 days of your child’s life

The first 1000 days of your child's life

What you do in the first 1000 days of your child’s life determines the advantage you can give them

In the first 1000 days of your child’s life, a complex journey of growth and development unfolds, shaping the foundation for a lifetime of learning and well-being.

Ages zero to three are a crucial period

This critical period, spanning from birth to age three, is an incredibly influential window that lays the groundwork for a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical capabilities. Research consistently highlights the significance of early childhood experiences, underscoring that the interactions, nutrition, and environment during this period can significantly impact a child’s future. At Shichida Australia, we recognise the important role parents and caregivers play.  Caregivers play a vital role in optimising these first 1000 days to provide a solid advantage for their child’s overall development.

Language acquisition and problem-solving skills

Our approach is rooted in the understanding that every moment matters. From the earliest stages of infancy, we emphasise stimulating activities that foster cognitive development. This lays the groundwork for language acquisition and problem-solving skills. Through our carefully crafted programs, we aim to create an enriching environment that nurtures emotional well-being.  Hence a a secure and positive attachment is promoted between caregivers and infants.

Implement Practical strategies

The first 1000 days also set the stage for establishing routines and habits that can impact a child’s future lifestyle. Our programs incorporate practical strategies for cultivating positive habits.  This ensures that children develop a strong foundation for a healthy and balanced life.

Make the most of these crucial early years

By investing in the first 1000 days with intention and care, parents and caregivers have the power to provide their children with a significant advantage. At Shichida, we commit to being your partner in this early learning journey. We offer guidance, resources, and expertise to help you make the most of these crucial early years.  In addition, you can rest assured that you are giving your child the best possible start in life.

Shichida Australia offers a cognitive enrichment program

Join our weekly classes, designed for parent and child, guiding you through a cognitive enrichment program using brain-boosting techniques for children aged 0-9. Each class turbocharges your child’s development, providing essential building blocks for their brain to thrive and excel. Book a trial class and navigate this crucial period of development with purpose.

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