Concentration and Memory

Young boy playing with blocks
Concentration and Memory

Boosting Memory and Retention in Young Learners

Memory is the foundation of all learning. From a baby’s first recognition of shapes to a toddler’s shout of “That’s…
A girl playing with a fidget spinner

How To Help An Easily Distracted Child

Every parent has experienced it: you’re trying to explain something to your child or help them with homework, and their…
Dad and daughter doing numeracy practice

Developing Attention And Concentration For Kids

Our guide for parents is packed with loads of fun-filled activities and handy tips for developing attention and concentration for…
Teacher and kids sitting together on the floor, having fun and learning

Memory Games For Kids

We’ve put together 7 of the best memory games for kids to play in groups of any size. Not only…
Please, no eating in class

How To Get My Child Concentrate In Class

No Snacks During Class! Help your child concentrate in class. The Importance of Nurturing Healthy Snacking Habits in Class: Do…
A young child on a digital device surrounded by junk food
Concentration and Memory

Building Focus In Your Distracted Child

Building focus in an active or distracted child can be difficult, and is one of the most common troubles we…