Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills and the development of the pincer grip during early education is crucial to mental development.
Fine motor skills, Children's Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Skills

Sensory motor skills are linked to speech development. Both fine and sensory motor skills are taught in the Shichida Australia program.

Children's Fine Motor Skills Activities
Children's Fine Motor Skills Activities

Developing dexterity

These skills are explored in both the baby and early toddler classes. Developing the dexterity of a baby’s little fingers and hands will eventually lead to the mastering of many essential skills such as self-feeding, drawing, writing, teeth-brushing and more.

Proficiency develops more quickly if babies are given ample opportunity to use their hands; touch, explore and experiment with objects around them.

Fine Motor Skills activity examples

Examples of fingertip and sensory training activities you will find in our baby classes are feeling textures such as rice or jelly as well as placing and removing objects out of small compartments.

Examples of fine motor skills activities in our toddler classes are using chopsticks and tweezers as well as stringing and paper folding (origami).

The benefits

Learning fine motor skills at an early age offers countless benefits for babies and young children. Engaging in activities like stacking blocks and grasping toys aids in their overall development. These activities promote hand-eye coordination, helping them build precise movements and better control over their hands.

As children progress, fine motor skill training contributes to improved handwriting, cutting with scissors, and other essential academic tasks. By mastering these skills, they gain confidence and independence in daily activities.

Moreover, fine motor development enhances cognitive functions, as it involves problem-solving and creative thinking. It also lays the foundation for future artistic endeavors and various hobbies.

Provide opportunities to practice

Parents and educators play a crucial role in providing opportunities for children to practice and refine their skills. Through play and guided activities, babies and children can develop these skills, setting them up for success in both academic and everyday life.

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