Order of Acquisition

At Shichida Early Learning, we recognise that children naturally acquire intellectual abilities in a specific order. Our early education lessons are meticulously designed using a layering approach that aligns with this important learning sequence.

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The order of acquisition

The ‘order of acquisition’ in early learning education can also be referred to as developmental progression. Educators often use other terms such as educational milestones, learning sequence, or curriculum progression. These terms highlight the sequential and progressive nature of the educational process in early childhood. It is important to follow a well-planned approach to early education. This will facilitate comprehensive understanding and skill development during the early years.

Natural order of acquisition

The fundamental progression in this order begins with children acquiring the ability to differentiate between distinct objects. For instance, they learn to distinguish that a cat is, indeed, a cat.

Learn the right skills at the right times

Once children can make these distinctions, they advance to comprehending that two or more items can be related, representing the same concept. This milestone allows them to grasp that a real cat, an image of a cat, and the word ‘cat’ all point to the same thing. Additionally, they start to comprehend basic concepts like colours, associating items such as apples, strawberries, and tomatoes with the colour red.

Set a strong foundation

With this foundation in place, children then progress to the stage where they can categorise things into groups. This skill enables them to discern what’s distinct or doesn’t belong within a particular group. For instance, they can recognise that despite a ball being round, it doesn’t belong to a group of fruits like oranges, apples, and melons.

Impressive cognitive abilities

Subsequently, children advance to the ability to simultaneously consider two factors, recognising attributes like a large circle or a green triangle. Once they’ve mastered this, they reach the stage where they can evaluate and identify more than three factors at the same time. This development allows them to engage in hint and guessing games, demonstrating impressive cognitive abilities even at a young age.

Developmental milestones

At Shichida Australia, we leverage this natural order of acquisition (learning sequence) to create a tailored educational experience that optimises your child’s intellectual growth. Our curriculum is designed to seamlessly align with these developmental milestones, ensuring that your child progresses confidently and efficiently.

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