Speed reading

What is speed reading?

Ever wished that you could get through a book or document in the shortest time possible?

Or just wanted to find some key paragraphs within a 500 page book?

At Shichida, our oldest group of children (currently in Grade 2 and 3 at school) are in the midst of working towards that goal in their Shichida Primary School Program.

Starting from 6 months, children at Shichida are encouraged to trust their instincts and harness their subconscious mind.

From 4 years old onwards, children are introduced to speed listening and viewing.

At that point they develop their auditory memory and get ready for speed reading by listening to high-speed recordings.

Then, from the second year of the Primary School Program (where the children are 7 and 8 years old), they are introduced to wave and quantum speed reading – where they develop their right brain or subconscious speed reading skills and deepen their concentration and working memory.

You have probably heard references to different hemispheres of the brain and how the right brain and left brain typically serve different functions.

You may also be familiar with the notion that the left brain controls things like logic, written and spoken languages, scientific ability and number skills.

Whereas the right brain controls things like imagination, photographic memory, artistic ability and visualisation.

While your brain doesn’t solely function in the left or right hemispheres, we can better understand some of these processes if we relate them to the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Those who can read fast with comprehension are those who have learned how to have optimal communication between both of their brain’s hemispheres and access the subconscious mind more consciously.

Dr. Win Wenger has a Ph.D. in Education and the world authority on studies of intellectual power and motivation. The following was quoted in his book ‘The Einstein Factor’ about Makoto Shichida:

“Japanese accelerative learning pioneer Dr. Makoto Shichida used a tactic similar to Caesar’s, to outmanoeuvre learning blocks. He discovered that a speedy input of data can short-circuit the slow left brain. The left brain processes only one word or phrase at a time. But you can learn a foreign language, read a book, or absorb higher math at hundreds of times the rate. The trick is, Shichida discovered, is to feed the data into your brain too fast for your conscious mind to follow it.”

– Dr. Win Wenger, The Einstein Factor

Some Shichida speed reading examples

In the early stages of the Shichida wave reading training, children are encouraged to work just on their instincts and subconscious mind to take in information.

The following steps are taken in the speed reading class:

Step 1: The children are blindfolded using an eye-mask.

Step 2: The children are handed a book they have never seen before and are instructed to flip through the book a few times.

Step 3: The books are then taken away from them and the children are subsequently asked to remove the eye-mask.

Step 4: Finally, the children are asked to write what images or words came to their mind as they flipped through the book.

The children are frequently able to recall accurate images, scenes and words from the book.

As Dr. Wenger mentioned in his best-selling book, The Einstein Factor, the subconscious part of the brain outweighs our conscious part by a factor of ten billion to one.

The ultimate goal is of course, to be able to gather more information and content by flipping the book with your eyes open, which Makoto Shichida refers to as Quantum reading. We can’t wait to see what these amazing children can do then! Stay tuned!

What are the benefits of wave speed reading?

Once children master wave speed reading, they will excel in other abilities such as memory, creativity and learning languages.

When children are able to consciously tap into their intuition to this extent, they are able to produce amazing, touching and creative works because inspiration and creativity come very easily to them.

Besides being able to read and comprehend any book in a short amount of time, the benefits of wave speed reading are drawing out other abilities in a chain reaction.

The history of wave speed reading

Professor Makoto Shichida, the founder of the Shichida Method of Education, was the one who provided and propounded the idea of wave and quantum speed reading.

Professor Shichida developed his teaching method and curriculum to lay the foundation for and build up to wave speed reading so that any child can be capable of doing it.

(Please note: Numerous other forms of right brain and subconscious training exist today, many of whom will not acknowledge or credit Makoto Shichida as founding the idea.

Unfortunately too, a few were ex-Shichida franchisees who have gone their own way to interpret how it is to be done and disregard children’s age and brain maturity.)



“The area in the right frontal lobe, previously thought to be a silent area, is the area where these wonderful abilities reside. When using Quantum Speed Reading, brain topography shows an increase in the theta brain wave activity in this so called silent zone”

– Professor Makoto Shichida, Quantum Speed Reading

The world’s volume and velocity of information is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, it is believed that one week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than people 100 years ago encountered in their entire lives. If there is a way we can make it easier for our children’s generation, why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t you?

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What makes Shichida different from the rest?

Shichida is a world-renowned teaching method backed by more than 60 years of evolving research into early childhood brain development.

The curriculum is age-specific, tailored to children’s attention spans and brain capabilities. At Shichida Australia, we fill in the gaps left by traditional education systems to equip our students with well-rounded skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

The Shichida Method is unique in that it also teaches skills most often associated with the right brain such as empathy, creativity, intuition, imaging and photographic memory. With all the research behind us, we invite parents into the classroom to learn how to become their child’s first and best teacher.

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Parents share their Shichida early learning centre experience.


“The Shichida method is amazing for the developing child's brain. In the initial years, they 'learn how to learn', and as the years go by we could see how these amazing fast processing and memory skills helped our children thrive in their learning journey. They prove to themselves that they can learn anything, and keep applying these skills to just about anything they encounter in life. Our 3 children having started as babies, have always loved their Shichida classes as it is done in a way that is always fun. We live as a multi- generational family where Grammy spent the most time with them as babies and toddlers. The best thing we did was to include her in attending classes with our eldest son, so we could get ideas of how to make every day filled with learning opportunities. Both parents and grandparents understood the methods, were supportive of the things they were taught weekly and follow through the learning at home. We have recommended the Shichida method to family members and they are also observing similar things in their little ones too.”

– Brenda, Solomon (9 years old), Rafael (7 years old) & Johanna (1.5 years old)

“Illy was born with Down Syndrome. Like any parent, we wanted to give her the best chance in life and started exploring therapies for her. When Illy was 6 months, we enrolled her into the program and she was there for the next 4 years.
The program has had a significant impact on Illy, especially in the areas of memory boosting and the ability to focus on activities for long periods of time. She never experienced any problems transitioning from childcare to Kinder and then to school. She also scored close to normal IQ levels in her assessment. Her therapists are always in awe of what she is capable of doing.
Illy is now in Grade 1 and progressing well with her reading and socialising. I highly recommend Shichida to parents of special needs children. They will benefit from the nurturing environment and fun and stimulating activities. Start them early to fully benefit from the program. We are forever grateful to Shichida for all they have done for Illy and our family.”

– Angeline & Illy (5 years old)

"This program isn’t like your standard music class or kinder gymnastics. It’s a whole-brain training program that uses puzzles, games, flashcards and songs to develop young children’s memory and problem-solving skills to give them the best start in life. The main thing for us is that my kids think it’s really fun. They love learning and what I love about the program is that they don’t see it as a chore. They get a real sense of achievement from all of this. Some people ask me if I’m trying to raise geniuses – I’m not. I just want to give my kids the best chance to succeed in life. I wasn’t exposed to these sorts of activities when I was young. I was always a really keen learner, but never knew anything like this. I wondered if I had been exposed to these activities, would I be doing something different now?"

– Michelle, Alric (8 years old), Jensen (5 years old) and Elise (3 years old)

“Matilda has always been hungry for information, she's a little firecracker, and Shichida just seems the perfect fit for us. She loves the mazes, and puzzles, and I've found that even without us trying to incorporate the learnings at home, she is bringing them home with her on her own. For example we have a giant tub of bug toys, and sometimes I'll see her playing with them and she has them grouped into their colours. Then the next time it will be by their size, or their type … the grouping and ordering of things just seems to come naturally to her now. I just feel like it's a really great start for kids, I want to fill her brain while it's in this sponge-stage, I don't want to miss this window.”

– Suzanne & Matilda (3 years old)

“Matilda has always been hungry for information, she's a little firecracker, and Shichida just seems the perfect fit for us. She loves the mazes, and puzzles, and I've found that even without us trying to incorporate the learnings at home, she is bringing them home with her on her own. For example we have a giant tub of bug toys, and sometimes I'll see her playing with them and she has them grouped into their colours. Then the next time it will be by their size, or their type … the grouping and ordering of things just seems to come naturally to her now. I just feel like it's a really great start for kids, I want to fill her brain while it's in this sponge-stage, I don't want to miss this window.”

– Suzanne & Matilda (3 years old)

Testimonials from past students of Shichida Australia.

"First of all, let me just say a big thank you to all the people who came here to the graduation ceremony today, especially Shiaoling and Vincent, who had the courage and commitment to start Shichida Australia because they wanted to help kids grow and become good people with kind hearts. My Shichida journey began with Sonia as my teacher. She holds a special place in my heart, and I want to thank her for teaching me a lot of things that helps me get by in life. I am grateful to her for that. The final two years of my Shichida journey ends with Simon. He has been a funny teacher and always makes me laugh. I thank him for having patience and giving me happy Shichida memories. I like his science experiments and funny stories. My favourite Shichida activity is doing Peg words, which helped me to develop my memory. Peg words are fun and enjoyable, and you can learn at the same time! I think they are linked to flashcards and Pi digits, which I also have loved learning along the way. These make up my favourite Shichida memories with my awesome teachers. So, thank you to everybody who made all of this 9-year Shichida journey possible for me. I hope I can honour you and Makoto Shichida’s memory by continuing to grow with a kind heart. I will miss you all very much, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Rémi, 10 years old, Year 5

"Shichida has given me a strong foundation for school, and I find that it's benefited me in more ways than I can count. It helped me learn to notice patterns and connections, so now I find that I can pick up new concepts quicker than most of my peers. Another thing Shichida has helped me with is to discover my love for writing. It's been very useful for essays in school, but moreover writing helps me express myself. Shichida's peg words have helped me with my memory, something that will definitely come in handy as I work through my VCE subjects in the coming years. Most of all, the attitudes of the Shichida teachers and the enthusiasm with which they approached their classes nurtured my love of learning, and I can't thank them enough for how much it has helped me throughout my life.”

– Jacqueline, 13 years old, Year 9 student, Haileybury

"I attended Shichida in 2009, and I now find myself reaching VCE. My two siblings had also attended Shichida after me, and we can all testify that Shichida had helped us to reach the point that we are at now. Shichida brings a new style of thinking and encourages a love of learning. It provided me with a solid foundation for primary school and allowed me to easily grasp new concepts and ideas. Even 12 years later, I still remember going to Shichida being the highlight of my week. I had recently returned to do work experience with Shichida, and although some things may have changed over the years, and I can say that the passion and drive in the teachers, as well as the fun songs and activities, have retained the same energy that just makes every child want to learn."

– Natalie, 16 years old, Year 10 student at MacRobertson Girls’ High School

"I’ve managed to memorise the first 60 accurately. It helps with memorising numbers that can save you a lot of time, such as page numbers in a book or a new passcode you set. It also helps with mental maths when multiplying three-digit numbers."

– J, 15 years old, a student at Kilvington Grammar

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