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Embracing nature’s impact on child development, young child playing in nature
Child Development

Embracing Nature’s Impact on Child Development

In a world buzzing with screens and technology, the role of nature’s impact on child development may go unnoticed, but…
Exploring early brain development, mum playing with her child
Child Development

Exploring Early Brain Development

Exploring early brain development is all about setting up little ones for life’s big adventures. Let’s take a look at…
Nurturing intuition in kids, young boy with eyes closed
Emotional Intelligence

Nurturing Natural Intuition in Kids

Intuition in kids – their natural knack for making quick decisions and judgments – is a big deal in their…
Young boy playing with blocks
Concentration and Memory

Boosting Memory and Retention in Young Learners

Memory is the foundation of all learning. From a baby’s first recognition of shapes to a toddler’s shout of “That’s…
Mum and kids playing with nature items
Parenting and Bonding

Involving Parents for Successful Early Learning

At the heart of your child’s early learning journey is a simple, beautiful truth: your involvement matters. Understanding parent and…
Three young girls playing together outside, holding hands

Enhancing Gross Motor Skills through Play

Playtime isn’t just fun—it’s foundational for developing gross motor skills.  These skills form the basis for a healthy, active child…
Sensory play, kinetic sand

Stimulating Senses with Sensory Play

Squishing, smelling, tasting, watching and listening—welcome to sensory play! We explore the importance of sensory play with simple sensory play…
Fine motor skills practice board
Child Development

Fine Motor Skills vs. Gross Motor Skills

From your child’s first scribbly crayon artwork to their weekend soccer game, understanding the roles of fine motor skills versus…
Kids playing together and sharing toys

EQ Tests for Kids

EQ tests for kids are becoming increasingly popular as parents seek to understand their little ones better. In this article,…
A test paper, pencil and eraser

Achieving Academic Success Through Eight Core Skills

In the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood education, the journey to academic excellence begins long before children set foot in…
A girl playing with a fidget spinner

How To Help An Easily Distracted Child

Every parent has experienced it: you’re trying to explain something to your child or help them with homework, and their…
Dad and daughter doing numeracy practice

Developing Attention And Concentration For Kids

Our guide for parents is packed with loads of fun-filled activities and handy tips for developing attention and concentration for…
IQ Games for Kids, stacked blocks

IQ Games For Kids

Parents, here’s your ultimate list of IQ games for kids! Discover a treasure trove of fun-filled activities to boost your…
emotional intelligence, a variety of emotions

Raising Emotional Intelligence In Early Childhood

Raising emotional intelligence in childhood helps your little one establish a solid foundation for thriving relationships, impactful communication, and overall…
Fine motor skills development, baby playing with fine motor skills toys
Child Development

Children’s Fine Motor Skills Activities

Tying shoelaces, holding a spoon, and picking up small objects are just a few examples of everyday tasks that require…
Mum and baby playing with educational baby puzzle toys

15 Best Educational Baby Toys & Games

Playtime is a crucial part of your baby’s development. Baby educational toys and games can help stimulate their senses, promote…
Teacher and kids sitting together on the floor, having fun and learning

Memory Games For Kids

We’ve put together 7 of the best memory games for kids to play in groups of any size. Not only…
IQ Tests For Kids. Young friendly child with oversized letters: IQ
Learning and Education

IQ Tests For Kids

IQ Testing for Kids: Should You Consider It?IQ tests for kids can give you a better understanding of your child’s…
A young girl reading a book
Literacy and Numeracy

Speed Reading Benefits For Young Learners

The Benefits of Speed Reading for Young LearnersSpeed reading is a foundational life skill that can give your child a…
Child Development

Cognitive Development And The Pandemic’s Effect

Can a pandemic really affect the cognitive development of young children?A recent study out of Brown University has attempted to…