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Building the Brain

Building The Brain With Love

How to convey unconditional love to small children: Of course, you love your child! But is your child getting the…
child under 5

Child Under 5, Alone In Your House With Them?

For parents with a child under 5, here’s what you need to know: Engaging young children during lockdown can be…
Definition of Education

Definition Of Education

Are You Educated Or Did You Just Get Schooled?The key difference that will change the way you approach early learning…
Alternative Education, father holding two young kids at home
Learning and Education

Alternative Education For Children

Why do more Australian doctors and teachers seek alternative education for children? Australian medical professionals and teachers share something in…
Please, no eating in class

How To Get My Child Concentrate In Class

No Snacks During Class! Help your child concentrate in class. The Importance of Nurturing Healthy Snacking Habits in Class: Do…
A picture for an article about a Shichida Baby that can read showing a young child holding up a book

Shichida Baby Ammara Practicing Recitation

Another Amazing Shichida Baby, Ammara practicing some Recitation activities during the Holiday Break. The recitation is what gets kids excited…
Shichida Chatswood Staff holding balloons
Shichida News

Welcome Shichida Chatswood To Victoria

To maintain the quality classes you’ve come to expect, we usually hold our meeting every term at Shichida Canterbury. Today…
A picture of an essay titled "Dealing With Difficult Situations"
Emotional Intelligence

Dealing With Difficult Situations

Kids often face new challenges and a great way to deal with difficult situations is to use their imagination. Writing…
Young kids at Shichida
Child Development

Unleash Your Child’s Innate Potential

5 ways in which you can help your child not just survive but THRIVE in life! Want to develop your…
A young child on a digital device surrounded by junk food
Concentration and Memory

Building Focus In Your Distracted Child

Building focus in an active or distracted child can be difficult, and is one of the most common troubles we…
Drawing of the brain showing a stimulated right brain hemisphere in colour
Child Development

How Early Development Gives Your Child A Head Start

Early development programs are popular among families wishing to give their children a head start in an increasingly competitive world.…
A drawing of a mother and child learning and bonding
Parenting and Bonding

Learn Together Bond Together

This is what we often tell parents with their children: “When you can engage the heart of your child, you…
A drawing of a young girl looking taken aback
Parenting and Bonding

How To Say No To Our Kids

Empowering Effective Communication: Finding Alternatives On Constantly How To Say No To Our KidsDo you feel like you are always…