Introducing The SHICHIDA Shining Stars Podcast!

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Did you know that SHICHIDA has a podcast? 

Introducing the SHICHIDA Shining Stars podcast, your gateway to the fascinating world of early childhood development and the innovative SHICHIDA method. Join us as we look into the science, stories, and strategies behind nurturing young minds for success. Each episode, we explore the principles and practices that empower children to unleash their full potential, drawing insights from experts, educators, and parents. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a curious caregiver, tune in to discover practical tips and perspectives on cultivating brilliance in our youngest learners.

New episodes available every Wednesday! 

Season 1 Episode list

Ep  Title  Guest  Publish date 
1  Unveiling an Education Legacy: the Shichida family  Kodai Shichida  Apr-24 
2  How did SHICHIDA come to Australia?  Shiaoling May-01 
3  Baby brain waves. Why it’s so important to start early  Hanako May-08 
4  5 mistakes all parents make when viewing their children  Shabnam May-15 
5  5 easy ways for you to become your child’s first and best teacher  Marcelle May-22 
6  The importance of EQ  Taryn May-29 
7  Understanding Early Childhood Development Milestones  Caroline Jun-05 
8  Give your child a head start on reading and writing  Angie Jun-12 
9  5 ways to improve your child’s memory  Jowyn Jun-19 
10  How SHICHIDA has helped me succeed  Jacqueline Jun-26 


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