The Shichida Method in Australia: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

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In 2009, the Shichida Method transformed Australian education. It arrived with a history dating back to 1958. Dr. Makoto Shichida, the founder, offered a holistic development path for children. It was more than an imported curriculum. It was a promise to nurture the incredible potential within every young mind.

The Seeds of Change: Shichida’s Global Path

The Shichida Method, originating from the quiet city of Gotsu in Shimane, Japan, quickly rose to prominence. It evolved into more than just an educational system. Ultimately it embodied a philosophy that recognised and nurtured the extraordinary capabilities of young children. This is achieved through love and understanding, not pressure. As success stories multiplied, the fame of the method spread far and wide. Consequently attracting other nations eager to embrace this unique approach to learning.

Unique Aspects of the Shichida Method

The Shichida Method centers on early childhood, a time when the brain’s malleability is at its peak. Dr. Shichida believed that children have a ‘photographic memory’ that can be nurtured with the right stimuli. The method focuses on enhancing a child’s capacity to absorb information quickly and improve memory retention by engaging the right brain, which is considered the center of creativity and intuition.

The approach incorporates various unique practices:

  • Image Training: Techniques help children visualise complex concepts and foster advanced cognitive capabilities.
  • Critical Thinking: Children develop analytical skills through engaging puzzles and problem-solving activities.
  • Tangible Engagement: Educators use sensory play and 3D materials to make learning tactile and interactive, helping to solidify abstract ideas in a child’s mind.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Activities that help children recognise and process emotions ensure that they grow with empathy and social awareness.
  • Memory Training: Educators engage children in advanced memory training through activities, stories, games, and songs, enhancing skills without the children realising they are learning. Techniques include developing photographic memory by reproducing images, using mnemonic aids through stories, and boosting auditory memory with rapid audio repetition.

These aspects, intertwined with traditional academic learning, ensure that the Shichida Method educates children to be well-rounded, capable, and emotionally intelligent.

Kids playing memory games in a Shichida class

The Shichida Method Australia Chapter

At the heart of Shichida Australia’s beginning lies Shiaoling Lim’s personal story — one that many parents will find familiar. Her quest for a nurturing educational approach for her son was both a maternal instinct and a visionary pursuit. The Singaporean education system Shiaoling grew up with was rigorous and highly competitive, a system where academic pressure often overshadowed the individual needs and innate potential of the child.

Her search for an alternative led her to “The Mystery of the Right Brain” by Dr. Makoto Shichida. The insights she gained from this seminal work resonated with her deeply. It was a revelation that education could be transformative, gentle, and holistic. This book was not just another educational theory; it was a blueprint for what she believed learning should be — a system that respects the unique emotional and intellectual rhythms of each child.

Nurturing the Heart and Mind

Motivated by her desire to see her child thrive without the stress of overwhelming expectations, Shiaoling brought this method to Australia. Her decision was fueled by the belief that the Shichida Method’s focus on nurturing both heart and mind could provide a balanced learning path. This path equips children with the resilience, creativity, and emotional intelligence necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Under Shiaoling’s guidance, Shichida Australia transformed into more than an educational center; it became a community where children are recognised for who they are and all they can become. She created an environment where every child’s love for learning is nurtured. This allows them to develop the confidence to learn crucial skills and knowledge while surpassing milestones with ease. Her leadership embodied the principles she admired in the Shichida Method — kindness, empathy, and an unwavering belief in every child’s potential.

Thanks to her efforts and the dedication of the Shichida Australia team, countless families now enjoy an enriching space where their children do more than learn — they thrive and excel.

Expansion and Impact

The first Australian Shichida center opened its doors in Melbourne, bringing a wave of change. It met the growing demand for an education system that includes emotional intelligence, creativity, and empathy, beyond academic success. Consequently, as the community responded overwhelmingly positively, the presence of Shichida expanded. Centers sprouted across Melbourne and Sydney, each becoming a hub for nurturing the next generation of innovative and empathetic leaders.

Mum and young child watching a Shichida at Home video lesson

SHICHIDA at Home: Shichida Goes Online

Understanding the importance of accessibility and the changing dynamics of learning, Shichida Australia launched the innovative SHICHIDA at Home in 2017. This online learning platform extended the method’s reach, allowing families across the continent and in remote areas to benefit from the Shichida learning program. It serves as a testament to Shichida’s commitment to educational inclusivity, providing enriching experiences beyond physical classrooms.

The Legacy Continues: The Impact of Shichida Today

Shichida’s influence on Australian education is unmistakable. Thanks to Shiaoling’s vision and the dedication of countless educators, the method has not only integrated but also thrived. It contributes to the development of children who are as academically capable as they are emotionally intelligent. Shichida children are known for their motivation and enthusiasm for learning. In addition, they display outstanding empathetic and leadership skills. These important attributes will serve them for life!

An educational revolution

The story of the Shichida Method in Australia is one of courage, innovation, and an unwavering belief in the power of education. It is a movement that has empowered families, changing lives and nurturing dreams. As we look to the future, Shichida Australia is not just continuing a legacy but actively shaping the world, one child at a time. After all, education is the key to unlocking hearts and minds, creating a society of thoughtful, capable, and caring individuals.

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