Enjoy a career that offers so much more when you choose Shichida Australia. We boast an inclusive environment where you can always be the true you as you undertake a career with purpose. Feel championed, heard and supported as you grow, collaborate and learn something new each and every day.
Early Childhood Education Careers in Australia

Career and job opportunities

Be a part of an inspiring community spanning across all our early learning centres. Work together with our dynamic team to leave a lasting impact on parents, students and the wider world.

We cultivate a people-focused culture for our diverse team. Our company culture is vibrant and led by values. We know that when our people thrive, our business does too. As such, we want every one of our team members to feel fulfilled and valued while being motivated with passion, perseverance, integrity, agility and innovation. We know that when our people thrive, so does our business.

We’re made of diverse employees from around the globe and are committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. We value all contributions and encourage people to bring their whole selves to work.

Have you considered starting an exciting and rewarding career in early education? Are you interested in playing a significant role in the evolution of education?

Shichida has a long and established history as a global leader in whole-brain education. Here at Shichida Australia, we strive to revolutionize the Australian educational landscape by providing a supportive, loving and accepting environment where children are inspired to develop their innate abilities.

Join our friendly, hard-working team and prepare to change your perspective on early childhood education forever. Apply only if you are serious and passionate about making a difference!