Transitioning To Kinder/School Webinar Recording

Presented by Shichida Australia Instructor Christian, and Education Expert Shiaoling on 22 October 2015:


A list of Q&A raised during the webinar can be found below:

Q: Some of the Montessori materials are really good. Can we use those materials in Shichida classes?

A: Shichida follows a specific requirement for materials used in teaching concepts to children, setting us apart from other approaches like Montessori. While Montessori materials focus on numeracy development, Shichida’s curriculum offers a broader scope. We purposefully select a variety of materials to achieve specific outcomes in our program.

Our diverse range of materials is carefully chosen to enhance learning across various dimensions. From cognitive development to creativity and emotional intelligence, Shichida’s curriculum embraces a holistic approach.  With a deliberate selection of materials, Shichida equips children with the tools they need to excel creatively, academically, think critically, and succeed in all areas of life. Our commitment to tailored materials reflects our dedication to providing a comprehensive and effective learning environment for every child at Shichida.

Q: For literacy in Shichida we use flash cards. Are we restricting them only to words that are flashed and will they have difficulty with new words?

A: At Shichida, we prioritize the development of fundamental reading skills, utilizing both phonics and sight words approaches. In our classes, children learn the sounds of letters, recognize the visual aspects of words, and develop memory recall abilities. While phonics helps decode most words, English contains sight words that cannot be sounded out phonetically. These sight words are essential for reading fluency.

In our flashcards section, you’ll find a mix of sight words and what some schools refer to as MIOOW words, or the most frequently used words in English. These words serve as a foundation for spelling and reading exercises typically assigned as homework during the early school years. By teaching children multiple approaches to process information, including phonics and sight words, we provide them with diverse strategies to decode new words they encounter in the future. This comprehensive approach to reading instruction empowers Shichida children to become skilled readers and confident learners.

Q: Is Shichida self-directed?

A: Montessori education embraces a self-directed or  child-directed approach, leading to a love for learning. Similarly, Shichida’s philosophy also prioritizes cultivating the love of learning, but through a different approach. We believe that by engaging children’s hearts, we can effectively engage their minds. When children feel a sense of joy and fulfilment, they are naturally motivated to continue their learning journey.

At Shichida, we emphasize the significance of unconditional love from parents and the support provided by our instructors. These elements contribute to the creation of a solid foundation for children’s learning and development. By nurturing their emotional well-being and fostering a positive learning environment, we strive to instil a lifelong passion for learning in each child.

Q: What is EYLF?

A: EYLF stands for Early Year Learning Framework. It’s a curriculum framework given to kinders to work on to draw up/design a curriculum.  More information about the framework can be found on:

Q: Was it a bias survey as all parents want to be an Authoritative parent?

A:  Based on our interaction with our customers in person, I am sure many parents will try to be an Authoritative parent.  I personally do try VERY HARD too! But of course there will be days when we might turn into an Authoritarian parent or an Indulgent parent.  Like with everything in life, it is always a balance! We all just need to remind ourselves, remind each other and do our best to ‘outdo ourselves’ yesterday! Main thing I hope is that parents see us as their  support or resource in dealing with parenting challenges outside of Shichida.

Q: I found out that Shichida centres are in eastern states but none in Western Australia. How can I get assistance of the Shichida teaching in my area?

A: Currently we are only in VIC and NSW.  Please connect with us via Facebook/Instagram.  We will keep you posted once we have news to share regarding new centres.

Alternatively you can try our home based program, Shichida at Home.

Q: What does “well rounded education” mean?

A: The term “well-rounded education” encompasses different meanings for different individuals. It goes beyond academics, encompassing sports, music, arts, drama, emotional intelligence (EQ), and personal growth. At Shichida, our program is designed to address these various aspects, as we optimize and tune the entire brain, encompassing both thinking and feeling capacities.

By nurturing and exercising the potential of the brain, we provide children with a solid foundation for their future endeavors. Regardless of the paths our children choose, we take pride in knowing that we have played a part in setting them up for success. Their well-trained and empowered brains will navigate life’s challenges with ease, embracing a holistic approach to learning and becoming compassionate, thoughtful, and caring individuals. At Shichida, we believe in creating a well-rounded education that prepares children for a fulfilling and purposeful life ahead.

Q: Schools use NAPLAN testing. How does that tie in with the Shichida curriculum?

A: The Shichida curriculum in Australia is not based on the Australian education system but draws inspiration from the developmental stages of the Japanese education system. While localising the content to make it relatable for Australian children, the program remains rooted in the Shichida heritage. It is essential to understand that Shichida is not a substitute for school or a tuition center focused on NAPLAN exam preparation. Instead, it is a brain-training program that teaches children how to learn rather than simply providing them with knowledge. By fostering the ability to learn effectively, learning itself becomes easier and more enjoyable. As we often say, when you engage the heart, you engage the mind, leading to greater success in the learning process.

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