Centre Teaches Children To Love Learning

Rapid Growth in Enrollments at Shichida Early Learning Centres

Shichida Early Learning Centres, renowned for its Japanese early learning method, has experienced a remarkable surge in enrollments across Australia, with numbers doubling over the past two years. The success of the centre is evident as its Parramatta CBD location, opened in 2016, is currently operating at full capacity with 180 children and a lengthy waiting list.

At Shichida, the focus extends beyond traditional reading sessions, as parents aspire to equip their children with the skills and love for learning. Founder Shiaoling Lim explains, “They want to know how to teach them to learn — like the phrase ‘don’t feed them fish, teach your child to fish’.” Recognizing that early learning and stimulation should commence as early as six months of age, Shichida emphasizes numeracy and literacy education through their innovative approach.

Research indicates that a child’s brain development is most crucial during the first six years, with an astounding 80 percent of brain development occurring by the age of three. Drawing upon the principles of brain research and education, Shichida employs a whole brain development method, incorporating playful exercises such as memory boxes, alphabet charts, songs, and games into their curriculum.

Describing the Shichida classes, which involve one hour of weekly attendance by children accompanied by a parent, Ms. Lim likens them to having a personal trainer. These classes not only teach parents valuable skills and exercises, but also empower them to continue fostering their child’s learning journey at home.

A Genuine Love For Learning

Ms. Lim emphasizes that the aim of Shichida is not to create geniuses but to instill a genuine love for learning in children. By nurturing this love, children are poised to excel in school and thrive in the future.

As the demand for the Shichida Early Learning Centres grows, more and more parents recognize the immense value of providing their children with an early education that surpasses the conventional methods, nurturing their cognitive development and igniting a lifelong passion for learning.

Shichida Early Learning Centres meet this demand by employing a unique approach to early childhood education that combines brain research and playful exercises. With doubling enrollments and expanding waiting lists, Shichida remains committed to empowering parents and fostering a love for learning, ensuring that children acquire the essential skills to excel academically and embrace a future brimming with boundless opportunities.

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