Whole-Brain Program: Shichida Kids Get Recognised!

Here is an article from the Herald Sun dated 20 December 2015, highlighting the remarkable achievement of one of our Shichida students who has memorized Pi to 1,000 decimal places.

At Shichida, we provide comprehensive lessons that encompass various methods to aid memorisation as part of our whole-brain program. Our program combines creative thinking, critical thinking, numeracy, literacy, photographic memory, and memorization techniques, among others. We are delighted to see recognition given to the hard work and dedication of both children and parents who attend Shichida Australia. We understand that early learning is a lifelong journey, and we appreciate the efforts made by all involved in their Shichida experience.

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Read the article here:

A photo of a news article featuring a Shichida child with an amazing memory

Unleashing the Power of Memory:

Shichida Classes and the Benefits for Young Minds

At Shichida, we provide specialised classes that enhance memory skills, among other cognitive abilities, leading to numerous benefits for young minds.

Unlocking Memory Potential

Shichida classes focus on nurturing and expanding memory capabilities in children. Through a variety of engaging activities and techniques, our instructors stimulate and develop memory functions.  Thus allowing children to retain and recall information more effectively. This foundation in memory enhancement sets the stage for accelerated learning and academic success.

Whole-Brain Development

Shichida’s approach extends beyond memory training alone. Our classes offer a holistic program that promotes whole-brain development. By integrating creative and critical thinking exercises, numeracy and literacy activities, photographic memory techniques, and more, we engage multiple areas of the brain simultaneously. This comprehensive approach simultaneously enhances cognitive and creative abilities while stimulating neural connections.

Benefits of Enhanced Memory Skills

The benefits of improved memory skills extend far beyond academic achievements. Children equipped with enhanced memory abilities experience heightened confidence.  They also show improved focus, and increased problem-solving capabilities. Memory training also contributes to improved organization and time management skills. This leads not only to children excelling in school but also in various aspects of their daily lives.

A Lifelong Advantage

Investing in memory development at an early age provides children with a lifelong advantage. Shichida Australia’s specialised classes lay a solid foundation for future learning and cognitive growth, equipping young minds with invaluable memory skills that will serve them well throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Shichida Early Learning classes offer a comprehensive approach to learning, with a particular focus on memory enhancement. Through engaging activities and a holistic curriculum, our program unleashes the power of memory, fostering accelerated learning, cognitive development, and a multitude of lifelong benefits for young minds at Shichida Australia.

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