Concentration Products For Kids

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Our list of concentration products for kids is full of fun, engaging games and activities that your child will love. It’s time to nurture their ability to concentrate and watch them flourish in academics, social interactions, creative activities and beyond.

Concentration products for kids from Shichida

Puzzle fun

Cho Cho Ban, your child’s new best friend and a powerhouse of learning! 

Kids aged 2 – 6 years old will be challenged by this set of geometric tangram puzzles to enhance critical thinking and dexterity. But that’s not all; it boosts concentration skills, allowing your child to focus better in every aspect of life. 

From basic to advanced shapes, Cho Cho Ban’s increasing levels of difficulty provide a fulfilling journey of growth. With each accomplished goal, your child will not just enjoy a sense of achievement, but will notice an improvement in their spatial awareness and ability to visualise objects. 

Time Shock

Designed to stimulate the brain, Time Shock is a puzzle game that really challenges your child’s concentration, thinking ability, and discernment. 

With fifteen unique pieces to match and place within a set time limit, your child will engage their mental abilities and activate their brain in an exciting and dynamic manner. It’s not just a game; it’s a fun-filled exercise in brain training that aids in strengthening concentration and thinking prowess.

Shichi Duck Puzzle

With the Shichi Duck Puzzle, your child gets a chance to develop their visual memory, concentration and spatial recognition. 

The six different puzzles feature adorable duck images, they’ll be challenging themselves to stay focused and flex their problem solving skills.

Amazing mazes

Shichida Maze Series #1: Niko Niko Maze 

Developed for kids aged 2 – 3 years old, the Niko Niko Maze game is a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the concepts of planning and strategy. 

The game guides children to develop their pencil movement skills, vital for early writing and drawing. As they navigate the engaging and colourful mazes, they will naturally develop their ability to grasp the bigger picture, improve concentration, and expand their vision perimeter.

Shichida Maze Series #2: Waku Waku Maze 

The next step in the Shichida Maze series is designed for children aged 3 – 5 years old. 

Waku Waku Maze is a captivating exploration game that helps kids improve their drawing and writing skills. They’ll learn to think ahead, exercise their perception, and build concentration. Each maze is cleverly designed to incrementally challenge your child, ultimately enhancing their problem solving abilities and visual processing skills.

Shichida Maze Series #3: Doki Doki Maze

The Doki Doki Maze is ideal for children aged 4 – 7 years old. By completing the mazes, your child will refine their motor skills and visual perception, while enhancing their cognitive abilities. 

It’s a fun yet challenging way to develop their thinking, concentration, and visual processing capabilities, making it an exciting addition to their learning journey.

Shichida Maze Series #4: King of Mazes! 

The final maze in the series! An effective concentration product for kids aged 5  – 8 years old, the maze helps your child focus and see the bigger picture, as well as enhance their hand-eye coordination. 

As your child navigates through the maze, their thinking and concentration skills will be put to the test. The game also promotes a broader field of vision to improve their visual processing ability.

Learn with music

Amazing Musical Pi CD English

Unlock your child’s potential for easy learning and knowledge acquisition with the Amazing Musical Pi CD.

Introduce your child to Pi through a right-brained approach, stimulating the creative hemisphere of the brain. Not only will kids learn to recite 500 digits of Pi, but they will also have fun singing along to catchy tunes. 

Each track is structured in a way that makes learning Pi a breeze, enhancing your child’s concentration while activating more of their right brain.

Cutting fun

Scissors Training Workbook

Crafting and storytelling meet in the Scissors Training Workbook!  This unique product is cleverly designed to nurture your child’s creativity while improving their dexterity and concentration.

Through 12 different worksheets requiring scissors and glue, children get to practise their pincer grip, learn to cut along dotted lines, and even create their own imaginative stories. 

Brain workout

Rapid Whole Brain Workout Set

This popular tool kit is designed to support your child’s learning in multiple areas, while improving their concentration skills. 

By playing with the Magic Square puzzles, learning numbers becomes fun while your child’s concentration is also improved. The kit helps foster a balance between the creative and logical sides of the brain, leading to a more focused, attentive, and well-rounded learner.

Reach for the sky

Stacking Cups 

Crafted from durable, non-toxic plastic, these colourful cups offer your little one a chance to boost fine motor skills and attention to detail. As your child stacks the barrels they’ll master spatial recognition and learn about sizes. Plus, it’s a fun, hands-on way to teach colour recognition.

Concentration activities for kids

Here are a few extra activities and ideas to try at home to nurture your child’s focus and concentration.

Storytelling sessions: Encourage your child to listen to a story and then retell it in their own words. This helps enhance listening and comprehension skills, both of which are crucial for concentration.

DIY origami: Teach your child to make simple origami animals or objects. This requires attention to detail and focus, helping to boost concentration.

Two people folding origami

Bake together: Baking requires following a recipe, which can help improve your child’s focus and attention. Plus, the reward of a yummy treat can be a great motivator!

Nature scavenger hunt: Create a list of items for your child to find in your backyard or during a walk in the park. This will require them to concentrate and remember the items they’re searching for.

Memory game: Place several objects on a tray. Let your child look at them for a few minutes, then cover them. Ask your child to remember and list all the objects.

DIY craft projects: Craft activities like making a homemade bird feeder or painting pebbles can improve focus, as they require following instructions and concentrating on the task at hand.

Why concentration products for kids matter

Young child concentrating on a task

When your child works on building concentration, they’re building mental stamina. They become adept at sticking to tasks, setting, and reaching their goals. 

Attention, the close cousin of concentration, allows kids to zero in on tasks, follow instructions, and absorb new information quickly. Consequently, it’s a huge booster for their learning journey!

Good concentration and attention also refine your child’s communication skills and raise their emotional intelligence. This helps them to better understand, respond, and contribute to conversations, strengthening their social skills. 

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