Definition Of Education

Are You Educated Or Did You Just Get Schooled?

Definition of Education

The key difference that will change the way you approach early learning as a parent and teacher

What is education?

The interpretation of the word ‘education’ determines whether children are treated as mouldable objects, or as complete individuals at school. Most of us have been to school, but have not been educated.

The definition of education comes from the Latin word Educare which means ‘to guide, to lead and to draw out abilities’. This definition implies that we have inherent abilities, and an educator’s job is to recognise and draw out a child’s potential and help them to thrive.

The founder of the Shichida Method, Prof. Makoto Shichida constructed the method under this definition of education. He observed that children naturally grow and develop. This will happen with or without parental or teacher intervention. However, Prof. Makoto Shichida emphasized the parent’s role in nurturing their child’s innate potential. In other words, it is a parent’s purpose to educate their child. It is a parent’s duty to help draw out their full potential.

Contrary to this belief, education is often viewed as filling empty minds with knowledge. However, Prof. Makoto Shichida challenged this notion. Typically, school outcomes prioritize test scores and conformity over individual growth and reaching full potential.

Many parents seek to delay or remove their children from the school system due to these reasons. Regrettably, the golden window of opportunity from 0-3 years old, when learning is enjoyable and effortless for children, is often disregarded. Starting education early is mistakenly seen as harsh or damaging to children.

Professor Shichida’s definition of education

But with Prof. Shichida’s original definition of education – to draw out an individual’s best potential – it becomes apparent that children are instead being robbed of genuine educational opportunities. Children are being denied authentic educational opportunities due to a distorted understanding of education. The neglect they face has lasting effects, shaping their future health, success, relationships, and mental well-being.

Prof. Shichida said, “A child’s character and abilities are formed long prior. To think about education from birth is a parent’s responsibility. We need to focus on their own ability to develop themselves and let them naturally demonstrate their abilities.”

Parents have an innate desire to nurture and shape their children, guiding them to become their best selves. They question the effectiveness of the traditional school system. However, many parents lack guidance on teaching and educating their babies and toddlers. The responsibility of early learning at home can be overwhelming for them.

Therefore parents are looking outside of traditional education for support in achieving their dreams of a well-rounded education for their children. It is no surprise then, that one of the most frequently Googled searches is ‘kids activities near me’. 

Quality above quantity

When it comes to kids’ activities, it is quality that makes the difference, not quantity. So choose activities that offer a wide range of educational benefits and allow you to spend quality time with your child while having fun. Learning methods that develop photographic memory, while teaching critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and fine motor skills, and exposing children to a wide range of topics and experiences will garner the best results. 

At Shichida we use flashcards in a unique way that stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to allow children to explore a side of themselves that is more innovative, imaginative and free. 

Starting early with your child’s education has life-long physical and emotional benefits, which is more important for your child’s future than any academic achievement. So don’t rely on a school to bring out your little one’s best and healthiest self – after all, you are your child’s first and best teacher. 

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