Basic Concepts

At Shichida Early Childhood Learning centres, your child will learn a variety of basic concepts that are tailored to their specific age group and ability. As the Shichida early learning program uses a layering approach in their lessons, these concepts will become more complicated over time.

Shichida teaches children about colours. We start with the basic primary colours and move on to the whole spectrum of the rainbow and their different shades. For example, kids learn to identify light green or dark blue instead of just green or blue.

There is also a focus on shapes from an early age, starting with circles, triangles, and squares, then moving on to more complicated 2-dimensional shapes like stars, trapezoids and parallelograms. This is further extended by learning about 3 dimensional shapes and creating new shapes. Children are also taught about sizes such as big, medium and small.

One of the biggest basic concepts Shichida teaches is about numbers. We start by exposing children to the numbers 1-10 before introducing more difficult concepts such as grouping numbers, composition of numbers and then finally equations and calculation of formulas and story problems.

Children also learn about time, starting with hours, half hours, and intervals. Our students are also shown money at a young age, where they first learn to identify individual denominations, before learning to combine notes and coins together through play-based shopping games. Our early learning educators are very successful at teaching these concepts to young children.

Shichida also teaches about quantities, such as many, few, less and more. We also help to develop a child’s spatial recognition by teaching things like up and down, left and right, inside and outside etc.

Children will also learn about comparisons such as opposites, bigger and smaller, longer and shorter. They will then learn to compare and order three or more objects, before learning about first, second, third and co-ordinates.