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The Programme

The Shichida programme is suitable for children aged between 6 months and 6 years of age. The program is specifically designed to promote creativity, free thinking through imagination and stimulates the strengthening and development of right brain education. Our program teaches children to embrace their imagination and learn specific skills such as calculation, high speed memorisation and strong literacy and numeracy skills.

More Info On Shichida

Shichida Australia early learning centre has heard your requests and has made some exciting new changes to our website, as well as giving you lots of new and easily accessible venues to get the latest updates and information on what the Shichida method is all about. Our new blog will bring you information on new events and we will also keep you updated by email about any new changes taking place.

Right Brain Education

It's interesting to see how the heart and brain are closely connected. Right brain education is known as 'Education Of The Heart' as it nurtures and develops the child's heart to ensure they grow balanced physically, intellectually and in turn, mentally. The founder of Shichida, Makoto Shichida was a firm believer of educating children so they would display signs of sensitivity, humanity, imagination and creativity.


child learning centre

Our early child learning centre establishes the sound foundations lighting the sparks on your child’s development and learning journey. The skills and experiences acquired will resonate through their lifetime!

In summary, the Shichida early childhood program:

• Develops your child’s love of learning.

• Develops your child’s creativity and imaginative mind.

• Develops your child’s photographic memory skills.



Watch our new segment on Channel 7's Today Tonight shown on 21 January 2014.
Interested in working in a fun and challenging environment? Want to prepare the next generation of Aussies to compete in the brave new world of the future? Shichida Australia is always looking for professional and enthusiastic applicants to join our team.

Shichida Early Learning Centre

Our methods and learning program extends far beyond the traditional teaching techniques children are accustomed to in their everyday schooling life. Shichida aims to tap into a child's inner qualities to enhance specific attributes allowing them to expand their learning horizons. We teach kids to become better individuals, developing qualities such as leadership, responsibility, creativity and imagination. We have experienced growth in recent times and are opening additional learning centres around Australia. Please contact us to find out how your child can benefit from the Shichida method.

Why Parents Choose Shichida

Your child isn't left alone in class or in a work group and each group consists of around 6 children. The Shichida method encourages and promotes complete parental involvement in a child's mental and cognitive development progress to allow kids to continue learning and growing at home and throughout social activities. Parents feel at ease knowing our leaders are qualified and experience in delivering high level learning programs. Parents notice improvements in their child's behaviour as they overcome shyness, confidence problems, interactivity issues with other kids and so on.