Herald Sun Article December 2014
Read our latest Herald Sun article! Do you think that early education is a vital part of your child's upbringing?

Holiday Program in 2015

Mums and Dads have been begging us for this!"Our New Holiday Program" means that parents won't have to keep coming up with ideas during the holidays or having to fight to keep the kids oFf their portable game devices or the internet during the 2015 school holidays. Sign up now to reserve a spot and we look forward to having you there!

How many schools do we have?

Shichida Australia is growing and we are excited to have you visit us. Sign-up for a free demo lesson, or for the school year either in Melbourne (Canterbury, Doncaster, Elsternwick) or Sydney (Chatswood) and we will keep you posted on any new school coming to a neighborhood near you!

I Want To Sign Up Today!

Have you been hearing the exciting news about the Shichida Australia Programme? Access our convenient online enrolment form and scan a copy to Shichida Australia today! Classes are age-appropriate so enrol at any point during the year. We will do our best to find a class that is best suited for your child and your busy schedule. Act fast! Classes are filling up quickly!


child learning centre

Our early child learning centre establishes the sound foundations lighting the sparks on your child’s development and learning journey. The skills and experiences acquired will resonate through their lifetime!

In summary, the Shichida early childhood program:

• Develops your child’s love of learning.

• Develops your child’s creativity and imaginative mind.

• Develops your child’s photographic memory skills.

• Our Free Demo Lessons show both parent and child what a Shichida Australia class is all about!



Sign up for our brand new Holiday Program in 2015! Parents wanting to do something during the holiday now have options with Shichida Australia (Victoria State only for now).
Is This You?:
* You are passionate about whole-brain training.
* You would like to help bring out the genius in every child.
* You are eager to be a part of a dynamic organisation using a revolutionary method of education changing the face of Australia's early-education landscape.

Is This You?:
  • You share our Philosophy.
  • You want to make a difference in the lives of every child coming to Shichida.
  • You are eager to be a part of a growing organisation where we aim to share this revolutionary method of education to Australia's early childhood landscape.