How to View Children

At Shichida Early Learning Centres, we value developing children’s hearts and fostering a love of learning. We do this by providing a loving and encouraging environment with the help of parents, which will facilitate advanced early learning in a unique way.

Sometimes, parents can’t help but be a little harsh on their children. This can be demoralizing to a child and may affect their self-confidence negatively. Shichida recognizes that every child will learn in their own time as each of them are unique and special.

Shichida therefore does not compare one child to another. This can be a very easy trap for parents to fall into, especially if the child has older siblings. It is important to remember that your child is still learning and growing and has not yet reached their completed form.

Shichida believes that praising a child for their efforts and perseverance is just as important as any academic achievement. We encourage parents to see their children as being perfect as they are, and to not focus on any weak points or shortcomings. Praising children, even on the little wins, is an effective way to eliminate unwanted behaviour.