If there was one wish we can make for our children, what would that be?


We hope that these examples inspire you to find out more about how Shichida will help your child develop their amazing potential. For more information, make sure to call us at 1300-FUN-N-GROW (1300-3866-4769) and talk to our friendly staff.

A Thankful Mum Makes Our Day
We’re always thankful when parents show us their love and support. We always hope that what we do at Shichida will help both parents and child become closer and lead their child to develop a deep love of learning. Thank you for your kind letter!(below)
Shichida Student Math Note

Noah, 2016 Shichida Graduate Plays His Heart Out
Noah, one of our 2016 Shichida Graduates plays the Tarantella by W.H. Squire. This is quite a difficult piece to play and we were lucky to have seen Noah’s performance live during the graduation. Here is an excerpt for you all to enjoy! Great job Noah! Shichida prides itself in providing a comprehensive learning program that helps children acquire, process and retain the knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives. By building this foundation, children can learn how to play music quickly and efficiently.(below)


Maths and Learning is a Fun Game!
The Shichida program strives to find and develop the hidden potential in a child. Remi has found his love of maths as one of the things that motivate his learning. Below is a love letter that he has written to the Shichida Australia school principal in the form of matematical formulas! Because learning has reached his heart, his mind has been stimulated beyond just doing homework, and instead making it a part of his life. Keep those wonderful letters coming Remi! (below)
Shichida Student Math Note
Joel’s Robot Saves Melbourne!
Joel is one of our Shichida graduates in 2016, and along with 7 other students, they did unique presentations. In this presentation he is showing us how the robot they created successfully completed the assigned “mission” in their competition. Because of this Joel and his team won the Innovative Project Award at the Australian National Championships in December 2016. They will represent Australia at the First Lego League World Festival Robotics Championship in Houston, Texas in April 2017. We can’t wait to see more of your robots Joel!


Developing and Balanced and Happy Child.
Alicia is one of our Shichida Graduates from 2016. She is an amazing pianist and shows us her artistry playing a wonderful piano piece, Diabelli’s “Allegro moderato”. We’ve added some nice nature scenes, as her playing reminds us of the beauty of flowing water. Below the piano piece are her results for 2016. Note the fact that she is way above the national average (The black circle at the top of the bar represents her score)! The Shichida method is a great way to give children a multi-sensory approach to learning that will reward them with the skills to learn and play a musical instrument with greater ease. They will also learn creativity, and problem-solving skills. The results can be seen in every aspect of their lives as you can see by her test scores and her inspired piano playing. Keep up the good work Alicia and have lots of fun!

Alicia Test Results 2016

Connor M. (4 years 8 months, joined Shichida since he was 2 years 4 months). Connor loves cars! He saw this car at RACV and here is his copy drawn just from memory! Note the fact that he used Japanese characters on his picture even though he is not exposed to the Japanese language or culture at all in his life. This is a clear example of how developing a child’s whole-brain capabilities, we can help them develop skills we could not even imagine they would have!