Welcome to Doncaster Centre (VIC)!

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Shichida Doncaster early learning centre was established in Oct 2012, and it is the youngest of the Shichida Australia centres.

It is located conveniently in the office tower at Westfield Shopping Centre. Shichida Doncaster has a bright, colourful appearance, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. We have 5 naturally lit classrooms, and a cosy baby classroom too! In our waiting area you will find many books, puzzles and toys to play with, along with some fruity friends dangling from the ceiling!

Doncaster centre is home to a close team of dedicated teaching and admin staff, and of course our talented students and their families. Each day we run fun, stimulating 50 minute classes for children aged from 6 months to 9 years old. Along with their parents, students participate in approximately 15 to 20 activities per session that will stimulate both the right and left side of the brain. These include image play, memory games, flashcards, mazes, puzzles, stories, songs, letters, numbers and so much more! With the love and support from their parents and teachers, our students develop a real love of learning!

Our Bellafriendly Shichida trained instructors provide a 50-minute class, once a week, which cover concepts such as imaging/visualisation, memory, and flashcards for right brain stimulation, critical thinking, fine motor control development, music, language, and number.

A child who feels loved and encouraged, supported, and who enjoys their early learning/educational experiences will grow up to be happy, enthusiastic and confident learners; well prepared for the challenges that entering school may present them.

Our early learning centre has students from all over Melbourne’s North including Manningham, Ivanhoe and Donvale.

So whether you are in Brunswick, Ringwood or the greater Melbourne area, book a trial class today.

At Shichida, every day is full of education, fun and love! We welcome you to Shichida Doncaster and hope that you enjoy your class with us!

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